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February 22, 2018

Hempstead Christmas Events

The Apostolic Faith Church in Hempstead, New York, marked the Christmas season with two programs celebrating the birth of our Savior, Jesus Christ, including a Christmas concert by the choir and orchestra and a drama presentation.

The concert was comprised of vocalists and instrumentalists of all ages, and began with a rendition of “Carol of the Drum,” followed by a piano number, “Christmastime Is Here.” The audience was delighted as the choir majestically sang “Awake the Harp” and “Joyful and Triumphant.” The ladies’ choir sang “Were You There on that Christmas Night?” followed by a brass and wind ensemble playing “Under the Double Eagle.” The youth also demonstrated their enthusiasm as they played and sang for the Lord, including a string trio and the youth choir singing “Good News! Everybody Listen!” Other presentations included the songs “Christmastime” and “Christmas Gospel Jubilee.” The program concluded with “Christians, Celebrate and Sing” and “Multilingual Air,” ending with audience participation as they sang in various languages. All who attended the concert were blessed by being there, and many visitors expressed how impressed they were with the musical talent presented.

The Christmas drama titled “The Miraculous Christmas Night” was written, directed, and performed by the Sunday school students. The narrative included a divine visitation which led to the conversion of an unbeliever. The drama featured an encounter between a Christian man and an unbelieving co-worker at a Christmas party. The unbeliever received a Bible as a gift with a note that read, “Even though you don’t want God, He will always want you, and He will be right there when you need Him.” Puzzled by this unsettling statement, the unbeliever then experienced the miraculous circumstances surrounding the birth of Jesus, the angelic appearances, and presentation of gifts by the Wise Men. This exchange led to a change of heart in the unbelieving co-worker, and his ultimate salvation. Everyone enjoyed this inspiring dramatic presentation of the Christmas story by the Sunday school youth.

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Hempstead Christmas Events