World Report

September 22, 2017

Hurricane Update from the Caribbean

From the Superintendent's DESK

We have been able to communicate with Brother Michael Anthony, District Superintendent of the Eastern Caribbean, now that Hurricane Maria is past. We are thankful to report that it had less impact than expected on our churches in the Caribbean. However, the saints are still reeling from Irma. Brother Michael says that of our two churches in Tortola, the one at East End is intact, but the one at Road Town sustained severe damage. It lost the roof and suffered heavy interior and structural damage.

Tim DeBusk, Director of Caribbean Work, and his wife Lisa, had hoped to fly to Tortola Tuesday, but the flight is at risk of being cancelled.

In the Meantime, Brother Michael hopes to arrange for a private jet to take Cliff Paulsen and a representative of Andersen Construction to Tortola to assess the damaged church.

In the U.S. Virgin Islands, our St. Thomas Smith Bay church suffered minor damage though flooding on the island has been extensive.

Rolland Deler has oversight of the work in both Haiti and St. Maartin. He remains in Haiti unable to travel to St. Maartin due to the infrastructure devastation there. He reports that the rented church where the congregation had been meeting was destroyed. However, our church, which has been under construction for a few years, remains intact. The plan is to expedite the completion of this building, and in the meantime, the saints hope to be able to meet for worship in a portion of the incomplete structure.

Your continued prayers for those impacted by recent hurricanes, including the saints in the United States, and for the recovery efforts are greatly appreciated.