World Report

January 23, 2018

India Children Want to Be “Fishers of Men”

From the Superintendent's DESK

Our India churches held their first Vacation Bible School (VBS) of this year on Friday, January 19. Deanna Moen and Jane Burton, who are in India visiting the saints, reported that 130 children attended. They also said the children were so excited for the activities to start that nearly all of them arrived an hour early!

This year’s theme is based on Matthew 4:19, “And he saith unto them, Follow me, and I will make you fishers of men.” During the activities, the children learned how they could ask Jesus into their hearts and become “fishers of men” as well as women, boys, and girls. At the close, every one of them knelt and prayed.

The next day, three more of our India churches (Masakapali, Yanam, and Nadimpalem) conducted VBS, and about 200 children were in attendance overall.

On Sunday morning, Sister Deanna and Sister Jane attended a service at our headquarters church in Kaikavolu. They said they heard many testimonies of victory and miraculous answers to prayer. Afterward, a water baptismal service was held, and three women were baptized.

While attending the service, they met a woman who had tried to commit suicide the night before, because her husband, who is an alcoholic, beat her. They request prayer for this women and her situation.

In the afternoon, our Pedapudi church hosted VBS. So many adults accompanied the children that the church could not contain them. Many stood outside listening at the windows to hear how they too could follow Jesus and then gain others for Him.

Our Kathipudi church hosted VBS on Monday morning. Sister Deanna said the pastor’s son, David Ratnam, did an excellent job of teaching the Bible stories to the ninety-five children who attended. She also said the children were so happy to be participating in the activities. At the close, many of them said they wanted to be fishers of men.

In the afternoon, another of our churches (Thammavaram) held VBS, and about seventy children attended.

We are thankful for the large numbers of children attending the VBS sessions and giving their hearts to Jesus. We pray God will guide them in the days ahead.