World Report

January 14, 2016

India Churches Expand as Many Receive Salvation

From the Superintendent's DESK

Special meetings continue in India with several of our churches taking a turn at hosting. On Saturday, the service was in Nadimpalem where the congregation has grown so much that the pastor, Seelam Yesu Ratnam, has had to add on to the front of the building.

One who attended the meeting said they enjoyed a beautiful service with a message on sanctification. Among those who asked for prayer was a young woman who had been plagued by an evil spirit for the past forty-five days. Five of her family members brought her to the service. They said they had been in turmoil over what to do, but were told the people at the Apostolic Faith Church would pray for God to heal her. All of the saints gathered around this family and prayed until the young woman was delivered. Then all six prayed through to salvation! Now Brother Ratnam is wondering if he should add on to the back of the church.

The Sunday service took place in Kaikavalu where our headquarters church is located. This is also a church that has been growing rapidly. Again the message was on sanctification.

Two services were held on Monday. The first was at our Thammavaram church where P. Augustine is the pastor. At the close of the service seven people prayed through to salvation, and the church was filled with joy. The second service was held at our Kathipudi church, which was rebuilt this past year. The pastor, P. Yesu Ratnam, and the saints are very happy to have a place of worship that is not susceptible to flooding. After the sermon, many stood indicating they wanted to ask Jesus into their hearts.

Pastor Salmon Raju and our Gurajanapalli church hosted the Tuesday service. This church is another that has been expanded recently. Following the service, many prayed to receive salvation.

On Wednesday, a service was held in Kapavaram. Here, the pastor, Jaya Raju, holds services on the front porch of a home belonging to one of the saints. After the sermon, two men and one woman prayed to be saved.

We praise God for the many souls saved during the first two weeks of the India special meetings, and pray that more will be added as the meetings continue through Sunday, January 17.