World Report

October 10, 2016

India Saints Persist Despite Opposition

From the Superintendent's DESK

The congregation in Uppongala, India, dedicated a new meeting place on Friday. Previously they were meeting in the backyard of one of the saints, but were forced to leave due to opposition from neighboring Hindus. They have now relocated to a rented parcel of land on which they constructed a concrete church with a temporary wooden roof.

Many were present for the ceremony, including Brothers Clark Wolfe and Benjamin Clapa from the United States. The building was completely full, with still others standing outside. The dedication message was taken from Matthew 15 and focused on staying connected to Jesus, the Vine, in order to bear fruit. Brother Clark reported that at the conclusion of the service, four people prayed through to salvation. They also said they wished to be baptized in water. This is a bold step considering the persecution they might face. Nevertheless, they plan to be baptized on Sunday.

The saints in Gaigolpadu held an evangelistic service Friday evening. This small group was formed as the result of two saints from the Durganagar church moving into the area. They have met in five different places this year after experiencing problems with the Hindu population, but persist in serving God. After this service, another four prayed and received salvation.

In his report, Brother Clark noted that since his last visit several of the young people had received sanctification and the baptism of the Holy Ghost. We are thankful for the work the Lord is doing in India, and pray for His continued protection over the saints there.