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February 7, 2018

Installation Service in the Dominican Republic

From the Superintendent's DESK

Tim DeBusk, Director of Eastern Caribbean Work, and his wife, Lisa, left for the Dominican Republic this past week. They arrived on Tuesday, January 30, and were welcomed by several, including Gledwin Mills, the newly appointed District Superintendent.

The purpose of their trip is to represent the Portland headquarters and our churches around the world in formally installing Brother Gledwin as the Dominican Republic District Superintendent. He has been serving in that capacity since the October 5 retirement of his predecessor, Alberto Smith, who has now gone on to his reward.We pray God will extend His grace and comfort to the saints of the Dominican, and especially to Brother Alberto’s wife, Sylvia, their five children, and their grandchildren.

The evening after arriving, the DeBusks attended a service at our Haina church. Sister Lisa wrote that this was their first time to attend this branch, and their hearts were blessed by the fellowship. The music included several numbers by the men’s choir. Then many stood to testify, including the pastor, Andres Pichardo-Richards, who is also a board member. Before the message, the choir sang “I Have Decided to Follow Jesus,” and at the close of the service, many knelt to pray.

On Sunday, over six hundred gathered at the La Romana headquarters church for the public installation of Brother Gledwin as well as three board members: Hector Guillamo-Perez, who is the La Romana pastor, Deivys Pichardo-Cabrera, pastor of the Maquiteria church, and Heriberto Martinez-Batista, who pastors our church in Residencial Romana.

The choir opened the service with enthusiastic singing, and several testimonies were shared. Then a greeting was read from Portland, which included the following:

The appointment of Brother Mills is the result of prayerfully determining that God’s mantle of leadership has fallen on him. We recognize that he is highly regarded by all of you, being the longest serving pastor in the Dominican Republic Apostolic Faith and faithfully pastoring the first Dominican Republic Apostolic Faith location. He has the support of his own family as well as pastors throughout your country and beyond.

It is worth noting that during our October 5, 2017, board meeting that Brother Alberto was the first to speak when it was suggested that Brother Gledwin succeed him. He wholeheart­edly supported the proposal saying, “I think it is a good idea,” and assured Brother Mills of his support, just as Brother Mills loyally supported Brother Alberto for so many years. We rejoiced at Brother Alberto’s approval and endorsement.

We are confident that the stability and growth of this great work will continue with Brother Mills at the helm. Please continue to assure him of your prayerful support.

As Brother Tim and the board members laid hands on the new appointees and prayed, the congregation joined in, and Sister Lisa said that an overwhelming sense of support could be felt from everyone present. After the installation, the service continued with a message followed by prayer, and then lunch was served for all.


The DeBusk's final service was held at our Maquiteria church, which is located on the east side of Santo Domingo, the capital of the Dominican Republic. Deivys Pichardo is the pastor at this location, and the service opened with him welcoming everyone and recognizing several who were visiting for the first time, including the DeBusks. Sister Lisa said there was beautiful music throughout and many testimonies, and a highlight was to hearing Brother Deivys' wife, Leidy, sing the last special. She said, "We were so blessed to be a part of this wonderful service."

The DeBusks are scheduled to return home tomorrow. As we pray for traveling mercies, let’s remember the work of the Dominican Republic in our prayers, that God will bless the new leadership, their families, and the saints.


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Dominican Republic Installation