World Report

May 14, 2018

Jamaicans Inspire with Victorious Testimonies

From the Superintendent's DESK

The Worthingtons visited three more churches in Jamaica this past week before returning home, and sent this report with the details:

On Monday evening, we worshiped at our Christiana church, and found another group of sweet saints who love to worship God with heartfelt singing. As the choir sang about leaving behind no unfinished task when the Lord calls us home, there were earnest expressions on their faces showing they meant the words with all their hearts.

As the service continued, we heard many testimonies of victory. One woman told about her place of employment being broken into. She said the intruder had run straight for her, but when she called out to Jesus, his steps were diverted. She praised the Lord for sparing her in that potentially life-threatening situation.

The sermon was taken from Isaiah 6:5-8, which tells of Isaiah being thoroughly purged from sin when a live coal was touched to his lips. It brought out that when seeking the experience of sanctification, one must consecrate fully to the Lord, and after receiving it, continue to submit daily. An example was given of a man who promised to go anywhere for the Gospel. Shortly after he purchased his first home, and just as he was preparing to marry, God asked if that consecration was still intact. Suddenly this man had to count the cost. He did, and remained submitted. Later, when he was asked to leave his home for the Gospel, it was not a difficult decision because the consecration had already been made. We sang the closing hymn “I Surrender All” as we went to prayer, and an earnest altar service followed.

The next evening, we traveled on a winding road through the mountains to Albert Town where we had another good meeting. The saints expressed appreciation that we would travel so far to fellowship with them. During the service, enthusiastic singing rang throughout the little church and then testimonies followed telling of God’s help in times of need and of lives blessed.

The sermon was taken from Isaiah 29:8 and focused on the futility of our own hopes, dreams, and ways bringing fulfillment to our lives. The British phrase “air pie and windy pudding,” which means there is nothing in the pantry, was used to make the point that only the things based on God and His solid foundation will bring victory and fulfillment in life.

After the altar service, we passed out candy to the children as we usually do. We have found that the adults like it almost as much as the children. We were happy to see the modern restroom facilities that have been added since our last visit. God is blessing in this little church in many ways.

On Wednesday evening, we traveled deep into the mountains to our Crofts Hill church. Here, in this little church nestled on the hillside, we fellowshipped with the sweet family of God. Wonderful singing filled the sanctuary and then there were several testimonies glorifying our miracle-working God. One woman told about a time when a police car, which had been chasing a taxi, crashed into her car and sliced it through like a knife. Though her seat was crushed, she was not hurt. She gave God all the glory for her deliverance. Another woman told of being terribly sick to the point that she stopped breathing. The saints prayed and she was healed instantly.

A nine-year-old boy thanked God for healing him when he was sick. A young lady told of seeing a car hit a bicyclist. She immediately began praying for the man who was hit and he stood up, uninjured. A teacher who works with children who have reading disabilities praised God for helping her achieve results with them. One little girl was deemed unfit to take an achievement test, but when the teacher advocated and prayed for her, she passed the test with a higher score than everyone else. These testimonies were such an inspiration. Yes, God still performs miracles!

The text for the sermon came from 2 Peter 1:5, which tells of the graces we should add to our lives as we grow in our Christian walks. It brought out the need for the deeper experiences of sanctification and the baptism of the Holy Ghost. It also reminded of the blessings given to those who grow in the Lord. A sweet time of prayer followed.

The love, appreciation, and fellowship of the saints in Jamaica have warmed our hearts. We have had a wonderful time in the Lord, and this trip has greatly surpassed our expectations.