World Report

February 5, 2019

Japan Saints Consistent, Fruitful, and Faithful

From the Superintendent's DESK

Our team to the Philippines and Japan (Bill and Lori McKibben, and Seth and Erin Morgan) recently returned home from their trip to Asia and sent a concluding report.

After a few delays, they arrived in Japan a couple of hours late and were finally able to greet the pastor of our Kawasaki church, Hidehiro Ouchi, along with three other saints who transported them directly to the hotel.

Shortly thereafter, they were thrilled to discover that Kristen “Kcie” Monk from Tacoma, Washington, who is currently teaching English in Japan, would be joining them for the weekend. She teaches in Sapporo, which is 720 miles north, but made the nearly two-hour flight so she could be with the team and visit the Kawasaki church for the first time.

On Sunday, the group arrived at church during Sunday school, and soon after they were greeted by many of the saints prior to the morning service. The meeting began with Scripture, prayer, and congregational singing followed by a ladies’ group singing a special. Then the Morgans sang “Living Hope” prior to Brother Bill’s sermon from Ephesians 5:1-2 on “Stepping in Light and Love.” There was a very sweet spirit in the service with about forty or so in attendance.

Tables were set for the entire congregation to enjoy a lunch, which followed the morning service. The visitors were recognized, birthdays acknowledged, and all were thrilled at the amount of Japanese learned by Kcie during her short time in Japan. Brother Bill had an afternoon meeting with the Kawasaki church leaders/elders, and in the evening a number of the saints met with our team at the hotel.

The next day, the entire group, including Sister Kcie, was joined by four of the saints as they traveled to the airport for the trip home. The saints expressed their sincere appreciation for the group’s short visitas they are the only Apostolic Faith Church in the country and do not often have the opportunity to receive visitors.

The Kawasaki congregation is not large, but they have been a consistent, fruitful, and faithful representation of the Apostolic Faith Church in Japan for over fifty-six years.Brother Ouchi has been pastor for the entire time and while now in his early eighties, is still strong.Please pray for them and for the future of the church in Kawasaki as they serve the Lord faithfully into the next generation.