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August 1, 2019

Joy in the Camp!

From the Superintendent's DESK

The 2019 Peru camp meeting began on Sunday, July 28, in the city of Cajamarca with four in attendance from the Portland headquarters. Sam Ajayi, Director of South America Work, and his wife, Shade, are accompanied by Catey Hinkle and Sarah Walden.They have sent this report of the opening days, written by Sister Sarah.

We have had a very blessed camp meeting in Peru thus far, with brothers and sisters from several churches in Peru and Chile in attendance. On the first day, Sunday school began with a welcome from Brother Sam followed by an opening prayer offered by Sister Dolores. Then the lesson was taught by Eladio Retamal-Vasquez, pastor of our churches in Limavida, Chile. He taught from Matthew 7:1-5, which includes, “Judge not, that ye be not judged.” He spoke about the importance of examining our own hearts and lives before trying to evaluate the actions of others. We were reminded that we serve a loving and forgiving God and that we want to have the fruit of His Spirit in our lives.

After the lesson, Brother Sam asked us to consider the difference between a judgment and an evaluation. Then he took some time to answer questions about the lesson, and also spoke on the importance of reading and learning from God’s Word. This was followed by a prayer service. The lesson had been so in depth, and the prayer meeting was so sweet, that we continued in prayer through the morning church service time.

The evening church service began with the reading of a greeting sent by our Superintendent General, Darrel Lee. Then Sister Cesibel of Cajamarca led the congregation in singing to praise the Lord. Later, Severino Coronado-Marcelo, who pastors our church in San Luis, Peru, testified about how God has been helping in the midst of building a church in San Luis. I also gave my testimony, and then Brother Sam preached on “Following God.” He emphasized that our main goal in life is to make Heaven our eternal home. He gave an example of a child growing up and graduating and becoming independent, which is a natural progression. He explained that it is different in our walk with Jesus Christ; we do not become independent from Him. Instead, we follow him now, yesterday, tomorrow—all the time! He reminded us that we need to follow Jesus all the way, not just 95 percent of the time.

On Monday evening, we had a special evening of music presented by our saints from Peru. Sister Cesibel introduced each group before they sang or performed. We were blessed to hear music from our congregations in Cajamarca, San Luis, Bella Vista, and Espina Amarilla, as well as from Brother Eladio and his wife, Lucila.

The various musical performances included singing with accompaniment on guitar, piano keyboard, and tambourine. The translation of one song’s lyrics from Spanish included, “God is my light and my salvation. The strength of my life! Whom then shall I fear? Jehovah is the strength of my life!” Another song was sung many times, and included the words, “I have a friend who loves me, His name is Jesus.” Sister Catey and I taught the children the Spanish version of the song “Say to the Lord, I love You!” The adults later joined in, and everyone sang the song using hand motions. It was a fun night full of blessings!

The Spirit of the Lord could be felt in our Tuesday morning prayer service. There were several prayer requests made for healing and for the salvation of loved ones. We look forward to the rest of this week together and for God’s blessings to fall!

The camp meeting is scheduled to continue through Sunday, August 4. We also look forward to and pray for God’s blessings there.

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2019 Peru Camp Meeting