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April 5, 2018

Leaving Zambia as Camp Meeting Continues

The Lees (Darrel, Randy, and Oscar) departed Zambia this afternoon and are expected to reach their respective homes Friday evening. On Tuesday, they continued to enjoy the Zambia camp meeting, which is scheduled to run through April 15 with morning Bible teachings and evening evangelistic services.

Tuesday afternoon, Brother Darrel attended a meeting of Zambia board members and regional leaders. Just prior to this, a banquet was held, and all three Lees were presented with gifts. Brother Darrel received a copper clock in the shape of the nation of Zambia, Brother Randy was given a copper plaque displaying a map of the country and the words, “Happy Welcome,” and Oscar received a matching shirt, cap, and scarf in the Zambian colors. After some inquiry, he reported that Zambia’s colors are green to represent the vegetation, red for the blood shed to gain their independence, orange for the abundance of minerals, and black for the color of their skin.

Oscar was anxious to wear his new shirt and did so the next day on an excursion to Victoria Falls, located at the border between Zambia and Zimbabwe. As this is the end of the rainy season, all three were drenched after just one hour.

During the Thursday morning teaching, one of the announcements was that the Lees would be leaving in the afternoon. At this, Brother Randy and Oscar stood and waved their appreciation to all, and the congregation waved back with a cheer of approval. The meeting continued with Adebayo Adeniran, the Western and Central Africa District Overseer, delivering the message, and a good prayer service followed.

We pray for traveling mercies as the Lees return home.

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