World Report

February 14, 2018

Listening for God at Chile Camp Meeting

From the Superintendent's DESK

This year’s Chile camp meeting began on Sunday, February 11. Sam Ajayi, the Director of South America Work, and his wife, Shade, are there along with Josephine McElveen, pastor of our Washington D.C. church, as well as Elvido and Jayne Ortiz of the Bronx, New York. Sister Jayne and Sister Shade sent this report of the opening day and annual concert:

As we arrived and met the saints in Chile once again, they greeted us with contagious smiles, welcoming us to the first day of camp meeting. Our day started with songs and prayer to open up Sunday school. The teacher spoke about Ananias and his encounter with Paul, highlighting that God spoke to Ananias, giving him direction. We were encouraged to listen and obey the message of God as he did.

Sunday school was followed by the morning devotional service. After prayer, the choir sang two selections, “When Jesus Came into My Life” and “He Is with Me All the Time,” ushering in the sweet presence of the Lord.

The message focused on the theme of the camp meeting taken from 1 Samuel 3:9: “Speak Lord; for thy servant heareth.” Brother Sam said that from the time of creation God has been speaking to mankind through nature, through circumstances, and especially through His Word. He told us God has something to say to us at this camp meeting, and His words have eternal consequences. We were admonished to listen, paying close attention to what God has to say. Throughout Sunday school and the morning service, we could all feel how much God wants to speak to our hearts this camp meeting.

During the evening service, many testified that God had kept them since last year’s camp meeting. One sister told how God spared her life through two bouts of cancer and used the trial to speak to her family. Previously, they would not allow her to attend church, but after witnessing the miracle of healing in her life, they had no more opposition.

The evening message was an extension of the camp meeting theme. Sister Josephine took her text from Hebrews 4:16, “Let us therefore come boldly unto the throne of grace, that we may obtain mercy, and find grace to help in time of need.” She encouraged the saints to take action by praying with confidence.

The “Night of Music,” which has become an annual event during Chile camp meeting, did not disappoint. The atmosphere was joyous. There were solos, duets, and family ensembles, as well as some congregational singing. At one point, a mixed trio sang “Rio de Agua Viva” (River of Living Water) and then the whole congregation joined them for an encore. We also joined a duet in singing “Happy Day” in both Spanish and English. Another highlight was when our team had the privilege of teaching our Chilean brethren the Gaither song, “Because He Lives.” There were tears of joy as the music went on and hearts drew nearer to the throne of grace.

There are many new faces in the group since last year. People from Haiti have moved to different parts of Chile, and some of them are now attending our services and were present during the Sunday evening service and the Monday concert.

The Spirit of God was very present in all the gatherings. We can report that God is “speaking” and His people are listening closely, paying full attention to what He has to say.