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November 15, 2016

Long Anticipated, The Sagamu Church is Dedicated

From the Superintendent's DESK

The focus on Monday was the dedication of our church in Sagamu, which is a two-hour drive north of the Anthony Village campground. Once again, I traveled with Bayo Adeniran and James Olaleye. Upon our arrival, a large crowd greeted us, and then two children stepped forward to present a bouquet of roses and issue a formal welcome.

Before the dedication, there was time to meet with the workers in the basement prayer room. Also present were a number of dignitaries, including chiefs and kings, so we greeted them as well.

The ribbon-cutting ceremony was simple and concluded with the orchestra and choir performing “To God Be the Glory” as they led the way into the sanctuary. The room quickly filled to capacity with about 350 of the 1,036 in attendance finding a seat while the rest of the congregation went to the basement to watch the service via video feed.

The dedication began with a children's program portraying the acquisition of property for the Sagamu church, and its construction. Since the bulldozing of the site began early in 1999, and the foundation-laying ceremony was carried out in June 2000, this has been a day long anticipated.

The orchestra and choir played a number of selections throughout the service. One favorite was the choir, accompanied by the brass, singing in Yoruba, the native language of the congregation, “E Fi Lyin Fun Oluwa Nibi Mimo Re,” which roughly translated means, “The Lord Placed a Few Saints Here.”

During the service, greetings were extended once again to the saints in Nigeria from Portland with the assurance that we keep the work of the Lord here in our hearts.

The dedication message was followed by the dedicatory prayer given by Brother Bayo, and then the choir sang the “Hallelujah Chorus.” After a closing song and altar call, nearly everyone knelt in prayer including many of the local dignitaries.

Following the dedication service, group photos were taken outside the church. It is worth noting that Antonia Schleicher, who is well known throughout our Midwest and West Coast churches, has family members who worship in Sagamu. Therefore, she was very excited about this dedication though she was unable to attend.

Today, we were scheduled to fly to Abuja and then drive four hours to Minna for tomorrow morning’s dedication of the church there. However, our flight out of Lagos was delayed. It is extremely disappointing that I will arrive in Abuja too late tonight to travel on to Minna, and will miss the dedication in the morning. I know it will be a wonderful time of praise and fellowship for everyone who attends.

We expect our schedule to resume on Thursday with a morning ministers’ and workers’ meeting at the Abuja district headquarters church followed by an evangelistic service that evening.

Nigeria 2016

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