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August 14, 2018

Midwest Camp Meeting 2018

The Apostolic Faith Midwest camp meeting began with registration on the evening of Tuesday, July 31. In addition to attendees from the eight Midwest branch church locations, a number came from the East and West Coasts, as far north as Toronto, Canada, and as far south as Mississippi.

The three Bible teachings focused on prayer. On Wednesday morning, Charles Schleicher, the pastor in Madison, Wisconsin, took his text from James 5:16 and spoke on the topic, “What Is Prayer?” He brought out that prayer is the life and breath of every Christian, and encouraged the congregation to cultivate a prayer life that is based on the right attitude of humility and thanksgiving. On Thursday morning, Kent Thompson, the pastor in Minneapolis, Minnesota, gave a teaching on the topic of “Prevailing Prayer.” He used the songs “Prevailing Prayer” and “Dare to Be a Daniel,” as well as a number of Scriptures, to encourage the congregation to pray until they receive an answer from God. Friday’s teaching, given by Mark Staller, the pastor in Tehachapi, California, focused on “Submission in Prayer.” Using foundational Scriptures, he pointed out the difference between submission and consecration, and the reasons it is vital to submit to God’s will when seeking an answer to prayer.

Youth services were held in the afternoons. On Wednesday, Joe Burton, from Port Angeles, Washington, read Matthew 7:24-27 for his text, which describes the wise man and the foolish man. As an object lesson, he asked a participant to build a Lego house without the instructions. After showing the congregation what the finished project was supposed to look like, he encouraged the young people to build their spiritual houses according to God’s plan. On Thursday, Adeyinka Owotuyi, from Worth, Illinois, read Ezekiel 34:16 , and encouraged the unsaved to recognize their lost condition and come to the altar and be saved. On Friday, Oluwatobi Shobukola, from Toronto, Canada, took his text from 1 Kings 18:21, and encouraged the young people to make a decision to follow Christ and be sold out for the Gospel. During the final youth service on Sunday, Esther Olusanya, from Worth, Illinois, read John 11:43-45 for her text, bringing out that if anyone needed to be loosed from a situation in his or her life, Jesus is the one who will bring deliverance.

The evening services were also inspiring. Darrel Lee, Superintendent General, who attended with his wife, Debbie, gave the message on Wednesday evening. Taking Mark 1:1 for his text, he brought out that the Gospel of Jesus Christ begins in the heart when one enters into a relationship with Him. On Thursday evening, Joshua Idowu, the pastor in St. Louis, Missouri, read Romans 1:16, and exhorted the congregation not to be ashamed of the Gospel of Jesus Christ, but to share it with those in their communities and workplaces. On Friday evening, Jeff Downey, the pastor in Van Buren, Arkansas, used three Biblical examples to emphasize that Jesus is the answer for every need. On Saturday evening, Donald Fittin, from Van Buren, read Jonah 1:1-3 and exhorted the congregation not to run from the Spirit of God, but to come to the altar and submit their lives to His will.

A water baptismal service was held at the swimming pool on Saturday morning. It began with Bluegrass-style instrumental music, followed by a Van Buren ladies’ quartet singing “Are You Washed in the Blood?” and Nyasha Gwaza singing “Thank You for the Cross.” Niyi Oduwole of Toronto, Canada, read Matthew 28:18-20 for his text, bringing out that water baptism is a testimony of one’s decision to follow Jesus. Ten candidates were water baptized, and it was a sweet time as everyone sang songs and each candidate was encouraged with a loud, “Amen” from the congregation.

The final day of camp was Sunday. In the morning, James Timbilla, the pastor in Wharton, New Jersey, read Mark 10:50-52 and brought out that all can be beneficiaries of God’s blessings if they will make the effort to reach out to Him. On Sunday evening, Antonia Schleicher, from Bloomington, Indiana, took her text from Isaiah 65:24, and encouraged the congregation to receive what they came to camp for, as Jesus was still on the giving hand during this last night of camp meeting.

The music specials representing the various branch churches were outstanding, including a duet by Norman and Pauline Burgess, who have attended all fifty-seven Midwest camp meetings. Many others shared their talents through instrumental and vocal selections, as well as a large combined orchestra and choir on Sunday morning.

Saying goodbye on Monday morning was hard, but everyone agreed that it was another fantastic camp meeting. During the thirteen services and prayer meetings, many received blessings and prayed through to victory. Many who attended are already making plans to attend Midwest camp meeting next year if Jesus tarries.

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Midwest Camp Meeting 2018