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March 8, 2017

Midwest Special Meetings

Many gathered from the Midwest churches to attend the special meetings held at the Apostolic Faith Church in St. Louis, Missouri, on February 17-19. The theme for the weekend was “Walk in the Light,” and the theme song was “Jesus, the Light of the World.” The guest speaker was Terrance Scott, from Seattle, Washington, and he and his wife, Mieisha, were an inspiration to all who attended.

The Friday evening service began with Jimmy Waddell, from St. Louis, playing “My Tribute” on the trumpet. Isaac and Helen Akere, from Madison, Wisconsin, sang “God Is Great, God Is Good, God Is Merciful,” and before the sermon Norman and Pauline Burgess, from St. Louis, sang “When I Prayed Through.” Brother Terrance took his text from John 8:1-12, and he encouraged the congregation to let the light of Jesus Christ shine on their paths and reveal Himself to them.

The Saturday morning service opened with a woodwind ensemble playing “Until Then” and “Whispering Hope.” Angi, Alex, and Katelyn Waddell sang “Out of His Great Love,” and then Charles and Antonia Schleicher, from Madison, shared photos and spoke about their recent trip to India. They told how the monthly meal prepared by the headquarters church in Kaikavolu for the widows and widowers in that community is a great opportunity to share God’s love. During their second week in India, Brother Charles and Sister Antonia helped with Vacation Bible School in several of the churches, and they were thrilled with the spiritual hunger they witnessed for the Gospel. For the last special, Nyasha Gwaza, from Madison, sang “He Took It to the Cross.” Brother Terrance read John 1:1-7 for his text, and exhorted the congregation to walk in the light of God’s Word and to make choices that will bring eternal life.

A delicious barbeque lunch was provided before the Saturday afternoon activity, which began with Deloris Oliver and Yemi Akinduro, from Memphis, Tennessee, singing a number. Mark and Rosemary Worthington, from St. Louis, gave a presentation on their team’s trip to Jamaica in January. They were encouraged with how our churches in Jamaica are upholding the old-time Gospel, and although the purpose of their trip was to be an encouragement to the saints there, their team felt like they were the ones who were truly inspired. After a congregational song titled “I Am a Warrior,” Brother Terrance and Sister Mieisha gave their personal testimonies. Sister Mieisha was raised in a home where her mom was addicted to drugs, and she started making bad choices at an early age. In middle school, she met Brother Terrance, who had been raised in a Christian home, but they both continued on the wrong path for a number of years. Sister Mieisha told how she finally surrendered her heart to Jesus, and then sometime later Brother Terrace got saved. They are thankful for how God spared their lives while living in sin on the streets, and they are rejoicing in telling others of what God has done for them.

A youth service was held on Saturday evening. It began with Stephanie Cooper playing “Shout to the Lord” on the flute, followed by the Chicago ladies’ choir singing “Oceans.” After the congregational singing, Nezi Uzendu, who is doing his medical residency in Birmingham, Alabama, testified via Skype of how he recently collapsed while playing basketball, and his heart stopped. Although it did not appear that he would make it, God miraculously intervened, and he is recovering well. The congregation participated in an action song called “Look What the Lord Has Done” before Jeanette Compton, from Sacramento, California, sang “Better than a Hallelujah.” Brother Terrance took his text from Isaiah 61:1, and encouraged the congregation to consider how big God is, and how He can meet their every need.

On Sunday morning, the strings opened with “Wonderful Words of Life” and “When the Battle’s Over.” The combined choir then sang “The Light of the World Is Jesus.” Brother Norman and Sister Pauline sang “He Thought I Was Worth Calvary,” followed by Kent Thompson, from Minneapolis, Minnesota, reading Daniel 2:14-23. Before the sermon, Kerby Thompson, from Richland Center, Wisconsin, and Jon Wolf, from St. Louis, sang a medley of “Shine On Us” and “Have Thine Own Way.” After reading Matthew 5:14 for his text, Brother Terrance encouraged everyone to be reflections of God’s light in a dark world.

Although the churches in the Midwest are spread over many miles, the attendees felt it was definitely worth every effort to attend the special meetings and spend a wonderful weekend worshiping and fellowshipping together.

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Midwest Special Meetings