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March 22, 2016

Norway Celebrates Palm Sunday

From the Superintendent's DESK

The Scandinavian camp meeting is scheduled to begin on Wednesday, March 23, and several from the Portland headquarters church are expected to attend. This group includes Ed Habre who will be the guest preacher, and his wife, Kim. They arrived in Stavanger, Norway, this past Friday and were welcomed by LeRoy Tonning, the district superintendent, and his wife, Vigdis.

As this is the Habres first visit to Norway, the four spent part of Saturday touring various sights of Stavanger. They also joined a group of saints in a birthday celebration for one of the brothers. The party was held in the lunchroom at the aquaculture plant where he is a research scientist, and afterward they received a tour of the facility. To conclude the day, they visited a woman who suffers with cancer. Her husband also has serious health issues. Brother Ed said that as they prayed, the Lord met them, and they left with the assurance that this couple’s trust is in the Lord who has undertaken for them many times in the past.

For Palm Sunday, Brother Ed said they enjoyed a full day of meetings and sweet fellowship. The morning service was well attended, and the congregation sang with enthusiasm while accompanied by a small orchestra. Throughout the song service, a mix of languages was heard as both Norwegian and English speaking voices sang praises to the Lord.

The meeting also included selections by the choir, a Scripture reading, and a Palm Sunday object lesson for the children, which was presented by Keijo Kinnari. In addition, Tove Paulsen, of Portland, gave her testimony.

The morning message was taken from Matthew 21:1-11. It was brought out that prophecy was fulfilled on Palm Sunday when Jesus entered Jerusalem on a donkey to shouts of, “Hosanna!” and prophecy will be fulfilled again when He returns. The congregation was asked who would shout, “Hosanna!” in eternity, and they were urged to rejoice in Jesus, who has saved us from sin.

After a time of prayer, everyone gathered in the activity room for a potluck featuring salmon as the main course. Brother Ed said the food was delicious and they had a great time of fellowship.

The evening service included much congregational singing, and then several encouraging testimonies. Among those who testified was the woman with cancer who had been prayed for the day before. She said she had received a miraculous touch making it possible for her to attend the service.

The message was taken from Mathew 16:13-17 and titled “The Ultimate Question.” Brother Ed emphasized that Peter’s response to the Lord’s question, “But whom say ye that I am?” was revealed to him by God. He said that like Peter, we must all answer that question, and by God’s grace have the same full assurance that he did.

A time of prayer followed the service, and then the saints began to prepare the platform for an upcoming baptismal service.

The Habres expect to be joined shortly by Dave and Glenda Andersen and John and Jennifer Buss of Portland. We know God will bless everyone who attends, as we pray for the camp meeting scheduled to run through Easter Sunday.

Scandinavia Camp Meeting

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