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February 17, 2017

One Is Baptized as Chile Camp Meeting Concludes

From the Superintendent's DESK

The Chile camp meeting concluded this past Sunday, and our team there sent this report of the final weekend of activities:

On Friday morning the last teaching of the camp meeting was given on consecration. With the story of Ruth as a foundation, it was emphasized that a deep consecration is necessary to have a meaningful and deep relationship with the Lord. The teaching was followed by a fervent prayer session as God's people poured out their lives afresh to Him.

The evening service was blessed with the presence of God's Spirit as well as many visitors. For the message, Brother Andres Mercedes took his text from Acts 9:15, and encouraged us to be instruments in the hand of God. He pointed out that an instrument cannot play itself, but is dependent upon the owner's will. He also said that tuning requires an uncomfortable tightening of the strings, but the end result is unity among the instruments. He concluded by saying the Lord desires harmony, and as the instruments of His peace, we can only achieve harmony when we are in His hand.

After the service a third youth focus meeting was held, in which young people were given the opportunity to talk with mentors on such subjects as sanctification, dating and marriage, and standing during adversity.

On Saturday, we observed the ordinances of the Lord’s Supper and Foot Washing, and the service was as sweet this year as it was last year. The saints gathered with a humble hunger for God’s blessing, and they were not disappointed.

Brother Mario Gonzales Cordova gave the message on the Lord’s Supper using 1 Corinthians 11:23, 27-34 as his text. He reminded everyone of the solemnity of the occasion, the opportunity it provided for self-examination, and the privilege of receiving God's blessing. There was a time of prayer and many tears were shed as people rededicated their lives to the Lord.

For the Foot Washing portion of the service, Brother Israel Monardes spoke from John 13:4-9 about the Lord Jesus taking on the most menial task of a servant. We were encouraged to make up our minds to follow Christ’s example and be a servant of God. After a lunch break, we gathered at a quiet spot along a beautiful river for a water baptismal service. The candidate was a man named Hugo. He had recently come to church seeking to be healed. The Lord not only healed him but saved his soul as well, and he was eager to be water baptized. In a short service, we sang “Shall We Gather at the River?” and then Brother Hugo shared a statement of faith and was baptized.

Afterward, we enjoyed one last evening of musical fellowship. It also included a slide presentation of primarily the 2016 Chile camp meeting and special activities for the youth.

We held our last meeting on Sunday morning. During the message, Brother Sam Ajayi admonished us that we have a duty to ensure we are ready for the rapture by living daily with purpose and dedication to God. Again, the service was followed by fervent prayer at the altar.

Following the service was a time of fellowship over lunch with time for picture-taking. Then Sisters Zaida Mercedes and Jayne Ortiz taught our Chilean family the song “God Be with You ‘Till We Meet Again,” repeating the chorus until everyone was singing along. And with many tears and hugs, we bid everyone goodbye.

The 2018 Chile camp meeting has been set for February 11 to 18, should the Lord tarry. Before then we look forward, Lord willing, to seeing a few of the Chilean saints at the Portland camp meeting in July.

Chile Camp Meeting 2017