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February 1, 2018

Progress and Growth in Romania

From the Superintendent's DESK

John Musgrave and Harlan Lee had opportunity to visit several more congregations in Romania this past week, and sent a report of their activities.

On Sunday, they attended the morning meeting at our church in Bucharest where Gheroghei Macovei is the pastor. This was their first time to see the new church since its completion. They said it is a beautiful building that can seat up to eighty people. It is scheduled for a May dedication, and the saints there are looking forward to it.

In the afternoon, they drove north two hours to Coroteni. This is a newer location near our church in Rimnicu Sarat, which has been sending a minister twice a week to help with services. In 2016, members of the Coroteni congregation donated property and materials for a church and began building. Brother Harlan commented that with each visit, progress can be seen on the building and also in the spiritual maturity of the worshipers. In addition, it is evident that the Lord has been working in the community where there are many prospective outreaches.

On Monday, the two traveled to the city of Pascani near the northeastern border of Romania and held a service in the nearby village of Humulesti. They said the music during the service was very upbeat and the saints sang exuberantly. As a result, some in the community heard and came out of curiosity to see what was happening. The focus of the sermon, taken from James 4:3, was on asking according to God’s will. The congregation was encouraged by the account of the centurion who recognized Jesus’ authority, exhibited faith, and received the answer he desired. A time of prayer followed the meeting, and then our team went to look at a piece of property that could be purchased for a church building. The saints are looking to the Lord for guidance in this matter.

Next, they went to Bosteni, the meeting site for the group from Sodomeni. Brother Harlan said they had a great service that continued more than two hours and was followed by fervent prayer. During the meeting, he and Brother John anointed and prayed for thirty who needed a healing touch from the Lord.

The final service of the trip was held on Tuesday in Vanitori. A crowd of about sixty gathered and filled two rooms. They were very receptive to the Word that was shared with them, and many prayed afterward.

Brother John and Brother Harlan have now arrived safely back in Portland. They had a wonderful time in Romania visiting the saints there. Numerous prayers went up during this trip, and Brother Harlan said it was difficult to tell how many were answered, but we know the Lord sees every need and knows each heart. We trust there are many new names written in Heaven.

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