World Report

February 21, 2020

Reports of Thankfulness at Chile Camp Meeting

From the Superintendent's DESK

The Chile camp meeting concluded on Sunday, and the following report of the final services was received.

As we arrived for the last teaching of the camp meeting on Friday morning, the choir was in place and began the prelude by singing two spiritual classics: “Almost Persuaded” and “I Want to Be a Worker.”

Following the congregational singing and prayer, Roxana Monardes opened the testimony service by thanking God for her Christian heritage. Growing up, she had Christian parents and grandparents, and is thankful to be part of a great family. Another testimony came from a brother who said God saved him more than thirty years ago, gave him a good Christian wife, and saved his siblings as well. He asked, “How could I not be thankful for all God has given me?”

The sermon was given by Israel Monardes who read Luke 21:34-36 and spoke on the spiritual preparation that must be made in anticipation of the Lord’s return. He said everyone must have a watchful and prayerful attitude, being careful to not let the things of this life distract us. The teaching concluded with an altar call inviting everyone to come before God and make the necessary preparations.

The evening service began with selections from the Chimbarongo choir, including “Count Your Blessings,” “I’ve Come to Tell,” and “Christ, My Help.” During the testimony service, one woman thanked God for opening doors to allow her to attend the camp meeting with her family. Another testified of how thankful he is for the family of God. He said that when he was separated from his wife and children, he was encouraged to continue in the faith. He prayed, asking the Lord to help him regain his children, and the Lord answered. He told the congregation, “I know God will keep all His promises, continue to pray for me.”

For the sermon, John Wyatt, Sr. took his text from Matthew 25:1-13, the account of the five wise and five foolish virgins. He pointed out that the wise not only had oil in their lamps, but in vessels as well. He said we do not know how long we will be running this Christian race; it could be a month, a year, or twenty years, so we must keep our vessels full. He encouraged everyone to seek for the three foundational experiences of salvation, sanctification, and the baptism of the Holy Spirit. When the altar call was given, he urged the saints to ask for God’s presence and help to be ready for Christ’s return. The saints, young and old, went to the altar and poured out their hearts before the Lord.

An ordinance service was held on Saturday morning, and began with two congregational songs: “Are You Washed in the Blood?” and “At the Cross.” Eladio Retamal gave the message on The Lord’s Supper, taken from Luke 22:7-22. He admonished the saints to examine their hearts when approaching the Lord’s table to be sure they are spiritually ready. He also spoke of what a joy it is to participate, and to think that one day Jesus Himself will serve us.

For the Foot Washing message, Ana Wyatt, Sr. took her text from John 13:1-17, which concludes, “If ye know these things, happy are ye if ye do them.” And it was a happy occasion as people began to pair off and wash each other’s feet. Some were singing, others had tears rolling down their cheeks, and all experienced the presence of the Lord.

We concluded the day with an evening of informal music. The saints who had come from near and far joined together in singing praises to the Lord.

On the final day of the camp meeting, we gathered for a spirited Sunday school lesson taught by Brother John. This was followed by prayer, and then the choir opened the morning meeting with the song “How Great Thou Art.” During the testimonies, one told how he had Christian family members, but was not a Christian himself. God convicted him, and not only saved him, but also sanctified and baptized him, completely changing his attitude and outlook on life.

The final message of the camp meeting was given by Brother Israel. He read John 3:16-21 for his text and said that Jesus gave His life for the world, and we must pray for others to know Him as we do.

This was a wonderful camp meeting with many blessings poured out. May the Lord help us to continue to move forward in the Gospel, and if Jesus tarries, meet in Chimbarongo again for camp meeting 2021!