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March 5, 2019

Reston Revival Service

The Apostolic Faith group in Reston, Virginia, held a revival service on Sunday, January 27. The morning service was preceded by the Sunday school lesson titled “Non-Retaliation,” taught by Joseph Adesuyi. The younger students were taught by Bola Adesuyi, and the session closed with prayer by Victor Arotimi.

Oludare Owolabi, the group leader in Reston, welcomed everyone to the revival service. After the congregation enthusiastically sang “Mighty Warrior” and “I’ll Fly Away,” Ebenezer Nettey led everyone in prayer. Josephine McElveen, the pastor in Washington, D.C., assured the Reston congregation that even though the attending visitors cannot always be in Reston for services, they are praying for the work there to prosper. Then two musical instruments that were purchased by the Washington, D.C., church were prayed over and presented to aspiring musicians, Damilola Ojo and Emmanuel Adeniji.

The testimony portion of the service opened with the congregation singing “Victory Is Mine.” Joshua Odunmosu thanked God for giving him a beautiful wife. Victoria Owolabi testified that God answered prayer and gave her and her husband a daughter.

Chidinma Okwum-Emulo and Esther Odumosu sang “Don’t Turn Him Away,” followed by a Scripture reading of 1 Peter 1:6-11 by Michael Kayode Ajayi. Before the sermon, Jumoke Shodeinde sang “Where He Leads, I Will Go.” In her sermon, Sister Josephine spoke about the need for Christians’ joy to be full. She brought out that it is not our nationality or occupation that defines us in God’s sight, but whether we have surrendered our lives to Christ. She encouraged the congregation to keep their eyes on their Heavenly goal, and live holy lives that are pleasing to God.

The final congregational song was “Behold, What Manner of Love.” Brother Joseph led the closing prayer. The altar benches were filled with people praying after the service, and the presence of God could be felt as hearts earnestly sought for more of Him.

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Reston Revival Service