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June 9, 2017

Romania Work Continues to Grow

From the Superintendent's DESK

John Musgrave continued visiting locations in Romania this past week, accompanied by Ted Bora and Gheorghei Macovei. They made several more church and home visits near Pascani in northeastern Romania before traveling to the western and then southwestern borders to visit some of our churches in those areas.

Brother John wrote with more information about the water baptismal service held on Sunday. He said the three people baptized were the most recent of ten who have received salvation in Bosteni during the past eighteen months. They help make up a congregation of seventy that now has an Apostolic Faith church in Bosteni, which is within walking distance of Pascani.

Sunday evening, a church service was held in Humulesti with a congregation of about forty, including children. The next morning, our team visited six families in the town of Sodomeni. A few years ago, this town was subject to frequent problems and police visits, but now our team reports that there is great joy among the people.

The final service in the Pascani region was held on Monday evening in Vanitori. More than 100 gathered in the yard of a church member’s home for the meeting. Brother John said the people were very attentive and several responded to the invitation to pray.

The three left for western Romania on Tuesday, and the next evening participated in a service at our church in Sanpetru German. They enjoyed a good service, including two music specials presented by the children and another two by the young adults. Also, Nicu Tudor was formally introduced as the new pastor, filling the vacancy left by Mihai Baies who passed away last April. The message included a reminder of the events that led to this church being established as the first Apostolic Faith Church in Romania. When the congregation was asked if any had been present at the dedication on May 12, 2002, four raised their hands. Everyone was admonished to continue carrying the Gospel forward, and a good time of prayer followed.

Thursday afternoon, the team visited four of our churches near the southwestern border of Romania in the area of Oltenia. One visit was to Motatei Sat where Matita Udrea is the pastor. A church building is under construction here, and is nearly completed.

An evening service was held in Craiova where Pavel Balanoiu is the pastor. During the congregational prayer, the Spirit came down, and Brother John said it seemed that no one wanted to quit praying. He wondered if the service should continue, but after a time it resumed with a music special. Some testified to how the Lord blesses and helps them as they make the effort to be in church. This is a very busy time of year for most of our people throughout Romania as they are both working their fields and beginning to harvest some of the early fruits and vegetables. Again, a good time of prayer followed the message, and then the pastor shared his testimony of how the Lord raised him up after he had a heart attack in April.

The final day of the Romania trip began with a tour of Brother Pavel’s bee hives. Then everyone went to Capu Dealului and enjoyed lunch with the pastor, Nicu Cacalete, in his front yard. From there they went to Margaritesti to meet with Aurel Cruceru, the pastor, and see the progress of the new church building, which should be ready for dedication in the fall.

Brother John is scheduled to begin his return home in a few hours. We are thankful for the work the Lord is doing in Romania, and pray His blessings will continue to flow there.

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