World Report

January 23, 2018

Romanian Youth Bear Fruit

From the Superintendent's DESK

John Musgrave, Director of Romania Work, and Harlan Lee, of Roseburg, Oregon, are in Romania visiting the saints among our churches there. They arrived on Thursday, January 18, and were joined by Ted Bora, the Western Romania District Superintendent, who will interpret for the trip, and Gheorghei Macovei, the Eastern Romania District Superintendent. They had just enough time to check into their hotel before heading to an evening service at our Sanpetru-German church.

Dedicated in 2002, this church was our first in Romania. Brother Harlan said it was full, with several new faces in the crowd and also many young people who have grown up in the church and are now giving their talents in service to the Lord. During the meeting, Brother John gave an official greeting, including from the Portland saints, and Brother Harlan preached on the treasure hid in a field, that pearl of great price. Following the service, there was a great response to the call for prayer.

The next morning, the national ministers’ conference was held in Zadareni, the Romania headquarters church. Forty-six men and sixteen women attended, representing seventeen churches. The theme of “The Christian Family” was presented in five sessions, which included testimonies interspersed with songs and prayer. Midway through the day, the sisters from Zadareni provided a traditional Romanian meal of soup, salad, chicken, and rice.

Following the last session, an evening church service was held. The music specials included vocal presentations by the Craiova and Capu Dealului saints as well as the young people of Gotlob. Brother John said the evening testimonies captured the overall spirit of joy that was present throughout the conference. Several told how thankful they were to be able to attend. Pavel Balanoiu, the pastor of our Craiova church, said he had been looking forward to it for several days, and it was clear from his testimony that it had exceeded his expectations.

During the service, Nico Tudor was ordained. He began serving as pastor a few months after the passing of Mihai Baias last year. Brother Harlan said this was a special time. Though many in the congregation had been there for over ten hours, when the Gotlob young people began to sing “Our God Is an Awesome God,” everyone in the church, which was filled to capacity, joined in. He said it was a wonderful way to conclude the conference.

On Sunday morning, the team arrived at the Gotlob church, pastored by Benjamin Cret, in time to join the saints in the prayer room. This church was also dedicated in 2002. Here again, they saw young people who have grown up in the Gospel, becoming some of the main workers. They enjoyed a good church service, and regretted that they had to leave after two hours to get to the next service on time.

In the afternoon, the team attended a service in Bulgarus where Oliver Zan is the pastor. They saw the new Sunday school building. Here, too, they witnessed young people who have grown up in the Gospel and are now taking positions of leadership. Catalin and Jonny Zan were ordained as ministers. They enjoyed a service with two sermons.

In the evening, a combined service was held at our Comlosu Mic church, pastored by Viorel Farcus, with the Teremia Mica congregation led by Florin Silea. Brother Ted provided one of the specials, singing “Tell It to Jesus.” Brother John preached from Titus 2:11-12, encouraging holy living. Then Brother Harlan preached on the anticipated return of Jesus to the Temple in fulfillment of the prophecy in Isaiah 61. Following the service, twenty-five requested to be prayed for in accordance with James 5:14. Brother Harlan said God’s power was evident in the prayers of the congregation. We are sure to hear of answered prayers in the services to come.

Following the service, all were invited to the newly remodeled activity room for cabbage rolls, bread, and desserts. Everyone agreed it was a great Lord’s Day.

Our team in Romania will now travel to the south to visit our churches there. They have been encouraged by what they have witnessed in the services: the faith and commitment of the saints, and especially the participation of the young people. They request prayer that God will continue to bless the work in Romania.