World Report

October 10, 2017

Romanians Build as Work Continues to Grow

From the Superintendent's DESK

John Musgrave, Director of Romania Work, and his wife, Rodica, along with their mothers, Edna Musgrave and Viorica Marincus, left on October 2 for a two-week mission trip to Romania. Since their arrival, the four have been visiting our southern Romania church locations.

They first went to Bucharest where our headquarters church is located and where Gheorghei Macovei, the Eastern Romania District Superintendent, is the pastor. There, they toured a nearly completed new church, which is down the street one block from the current meeting site. The congregation anticipates having the interior finished in the next few weeks.

They also participated in an evening service, with Sister Edna and Sister Viorica testifying. Brother John said about fifty attended, and they had a good service. Afterward, the men exited and the ladies had a time of study and fellowship. They used our Philippians 4:8 Daybreak lesson for the main subject and enjoyed a discussion that lasted nearly two hours.

On Friday, the team traveled to Margaritesti accompanied by Brother Gheorghei and Ted Bora, the Western Romania District Superintendent. They toured the new church there and were hosted for lunch by the pastor, Aurel Cruceru.

Next, they drove to Osica de Jos for what was originally planned as a fellowship, but turned into a full church service. Eighteen people greeted them, and this was the most Brother John had seen at this location. The front area of the church had been remodeled recently to create a nice sanctuary. Brother John said the service had a very sweet spirit on it; there was weeping and expressions of joy and thanks throughout.

From there, the team went to Ghindeni and visited the group leader, Brother Nelu, on his farm just outside the city before joining the rest of the group for a service. About thirty were in attendance at this location, which started with a single convert just eight years ago. Again, Sister Edna and Sister Viorica testified, and Brother John said their testimonies had a powerful effect. After the service, a table was brought in and our team was treated to dinner.

On Saturday morning, the team went to Motatei Sat where Mitita Udrea is the pastor, for a service in the new church building there. The sanctuary was nearly full as some of the neighbors had accepted invitations to attend. Brother John said it was another very good service with the people really enjoying the testimonies of the ladies in our group.

In the evening, a second ladies’ fellowship was held, this time at the Craiova church. Forty-eight attended, and the same Daybreak study of Philippians 4:8 was presented. Sister Rodica reported that the lesson was well received, and a good time of discussion followed. At the same time, a ministers’ meeting was held with about twelve men in attendance.

For the Sunday morning service, our team attended the Craiova church where Pavel Balanoiu is the pastor. Brother Ted provided a solo and some from our group testified. Brother John said it was another good service, with many coming forward to pray at the closing invitation.

In the afternoon, they attended a service with our group in Capu Dealului, which is led by Nicu Cacalete. This location is near the residence of Sister Viorica’s sister and brother-in-law, Raveica and Costel, and they attended the service as well. Afterward, they provided lunch and our team spent the remainder of the day visiting with them.

Brother John has been extending greetings from Portland at each location. Let’s remember them in our prayers, and also the visiting team which will continue to travel among our Romanian congregations for one more week.