World Report

April 19, 2019

Scandinavians Support the Appointment of Three

From the Superintendent's DESK

In anticipation of the Scandinavian camp meeting, which began on Thursday, April 18, prayer meetings were held at the Stavanger church on Monday and Tuesday, and a congregational business meeting was held on Wednesday.

During the business meeting, it was brought out that the board of trustees for the Scandinavia work had met on Saturday and was now recommending three people to be appointed to positions within the work.

The first recommendation was Keijo Kinnari to the new position of administrative leader and treasurer for the Scandinavia work. In this role, he will serve as a liaison with the Norway and Scandinavia governments, as well as have oversight of financial accounting and reporting. He will be accountable to LeRoy Tonning, who remains the Scandinavia District Superintendent and Stavanger pastor, and the other board members. In a sense, going forward, Brother LeRoy will have responsibility for the spiritual matters of the work while Brother Keijo looks after the temporal affairs.

The second recommendation was for Lene Kinnari and Seun Ogunleye to be appointed to the Scandinavia board, bringing membership to five.

These recommendations were presented to the saints, giving them opportunity to verbalize their endorsement, and the response was a resounding “Amen.” The ministers then gathered around the appointees, and following the many examples set forth in the Bible, laid hands on them and prayed as the saints joined in.

The meeting concluded with congregational singing and then prayer. We thanked the Lord for unity and asked that this business meeting would serve as a springboard for the blessings of God to fall in the services that follow.

Debbie and I are now enjoying the Easter camp meeting, which runs through Monday morning.