World Report

April 24, 2017

Seventy-Seven Water Baptized at Zambia Camp Meeting

From the Superintendent's DESK

The final week of the Zambia camp meeting began with a ministers’ meeting on Monday morning. It was well attended by ministers from several African countries. Dwight Baltzell said a wonderful united spirit was felt among the ministers with a purpose to move forward for the Lord. It concluded with a group photo (see above).

In the evening, the annual concert was held. The first portion represented the events of Easter and included a moving song by a women’s quintet about the trial of Jesus. The second portion was praises to God centering on the joy in serving Him. One of the songs performed by the choir was titled “Happy,” and Brother Dwight said it had that effect on the congregation.

Tuesday through Thursday followed the regular camp meeting schedule of morning teachings, afternoon youth services, and evening evangelistic services. On Friday, a water baptismal service was held in the morning, and seventy-seven candidates were baptized. In the evening was an ordinance service, which was especially blessed.

Leaving the camp meeting a day before it closed to travel to Harare, Zimbabwe, Brother Dwight reported some exciting news: work is scheduled to begin in June on the development of a ten-acre site as a new camp meeting location and Zambia headquarters. He said that in comparison, the property they have been operating on is only one and a half acres. He also commented, “Should the Lord tarry, that will be a joyful move, and these folks know how to be genuinely joyful.”