World Report

April 24, 2017

South Korea Trip Highlighted by Prayer

From the Superintendent's DESK

Bill McKibben, Director of Asia Work, and Bob Bishop, pastor of our church in Richmond, California, are in South Korea visiting our churches there. They arrived Tuesday evening and were greeted by Kim Jeong Min, the Seoul pastor, and enjoyed dinner with his family.

The next day, they joined some of the Seoul saints for lunch before leaving for a church service in Daejeon (pictured above) where Young Doo Ra is the pastor. The service included uplifting congregational singing and testimonies. Then Brother Bob preached from Acts 1 about the power of the Holy Spirit after the Resurrection. There was a sweet spirit around the altar afterward, and many tarried long, though it was a week night service.

On Thursday, our team traveled to Busan, and though there was no service, had an opportunity to tour the church building and spend time with the pastor, Sang Gyu Kim, and his wife. They were also able to see some of the beauty the Barretts experienced about fifty years ago when they arrived in Korea and established the first Apostolic Faith Church at Busan.

A weekend of special meetings was held at Daeju with representatives from most of our six Korean churches. On Saturday, after a pastors’ meeting in the morning, and a Board of Trustees meeting in the afternoon, an evangelistic service was held in the evening. The sermon focused on Matthew 16 asking the question, “Who is Jesus to you?” There was a good response around the altars afterward with the Lord pouring out His blessings.

The Sunday services began with Sunday school followed by the morning worship service. Brother Bill preached from Psalm 17 about God’s keeping power. The message was translated by a new interpreter who did well. Two others who haven’t translated before are also assisting on this trip. Brother Bill commented, “We are happy that the next generation is taking up the burden of helping with the needs of the Gospel.”

Following the morning service, lunch was served to all, and then everyone gathered back in the sanctuary for an early afternoon service. The message was taken from Psalm 46:10, “Be still, and know that I am God.” Again, a good altar service concluded the meeting.

Our team anticipates visiting a few more pastors and churches ending with a Wednesday evening service at the Seoul church prior to their Thursday departure for home. They report that the saints have been very moved to pray and seek God around the altars after all the services. They expect to hear of answers to prayer, and appreciate our prayers for the trip.