World Report

January 15, 2019

St. Eustatius Congregation Celebrates 25 Years

From the Superintendent's DESK

On Sunday, January 13, the Apostolic Faith congregation on the island of St. Eustatius celebrated twenty-five years of worship at the church in Mansionweg.

St. Eustatius is a Dutch island in the Netherland Antilles, with a population of about three thousand whose primary language is English. Our church is located right in the center of the island. The work there began in 1991 with a small group occupying two locations as they sought a permanent place of worship. They built the Mansionweg church and its dedication took place in January 1994.

The theme for the anniversary celebration was “Calvary’s Love,” chosen by the pastor, Kathleen Plunkett, who took inspiration from John 3:14-21. To welcome everyone, greetings were expressed on behalf of the Portland headquarters church and the Eastern Caribbean headquarters church, as well as several of the regional churches.

The service included an exhortation given by Michael Anthony, the Eastern Caribbean District Superintendent, who attended with his wife, Monica. Using texts from John 3:21 and Hebrews 10:23-25, he emphasized that the Apostolic Faith Church is serious about decency, honesty, truth, integrity, faithfulness, and holiness. He encouraged the saints that in this world, where the standards of moral and ethical decency are being redefined and eradicated, our organization will continue to uphold the old Gospel standard, to be applied across all areas of our lives. Brother Michael said the celebration was a wonderful time for all who attended.