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January 29, 2018

St. Vincent Trip Ends with Inspiring Testimonies

From the Superintendent's DESK

Bob and Cheryl Downey concluded their trip to St. Vincent and the Grenadines by visiting the saints at two more of our churches. They sent the following report of the services:

Our last two weeknight services were held at our Lowmans Hill church, which is located just a few miles north of Kingstown and pastored by Martin Laborde. The Thursday evening service opened with the congregation singing “Come into His Presence with Thanksgiving” and “We Are Happy People.”

During the testimony portion of the service, a man said he is thankful for the opportunity to go into the local jail every Monday and Tuesday and share what Jesus has done for him. A lady testified that she was reminded of an incident before she was saved when she refused to shake someone’s hand. She knew she had to make it right, and God helped her.

The middle special was a vocal solo of “I’m Forgiven,” and before the sermon, the congregation sang “O What a Difference Since Jesus Passed By.” The sermon was taken from Acts 26:12-15, and brought out that looking back at spiritual victories in our lives will encourage us to move forward in our walk with God.

The service on Friday evening began with several congregational songs followed by victorious testimonies. A young man testified that he was in the hospital on New Year’s Eve, and the doctors did not know what was wrong. The church people prayed, and God touched him, and now he is doing well.

Before the sermon, a young lady sang a thought provoking song titled “What’s Wrong with Living Right?” The message, which was taken from Psalm 25:4-5, posed the question to the congregation, “Is God in your plans and goals?” Everyone was encouraged to put God first, and let Him fulfill His will in their lives.

On Sunday morning, we took an hour’s ferry ride to the island of Bequia where we have one church, which is pastored by Lincoln Ragguette. The weather was quite windy, so it was a rocky ride over and back, but we had a wonderful service with the Bequia church group. Around twenty people from the branch churches in St. Vincent accompanied us on the ferry, and the sanctuary was full.

As the service began, Brother Lincoln’s wife, Vilma, led the congregation in several songs including, “Come, Holy Spirit, We Need You.” She then asked for one testimony from each church represented. One man said he had a flat tire on the way to the wharf to catch the ferry and was afraid he would not make it. He rejoiced that the enemy was not able to prevent him from coming; he arrived at the ferry just in time.

Before the sermon, the congregation sang “All Power Is Given unto Me.” The message, taken from Philippians 2:2, brought out that we will have true joy when we are one with God and one with our brothers and sisters in Christ.

At the close of their report, the Downeys commented, “We have been truly blessed by visiting our churches in St. Vincent and Bequia, and we have been encouraged by their enthusiasm and desire to serve God with all their hearts.”

This morning, the Downeys flew to Barbados and met with Edsil Parris, the pastor of our Tichbourne church. Now they are preparing for their flight home. Lord willing, they will arrive back in Portland around midnight on Tuesday.

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