World Report

January 9, 2018

Students in India Ask, “Who is Your God?”

From the Superintendent's DESK

The Portland family visiting in India was invited by the principal of a Hindu school to visit and tell the students about America. The school, which provides education for boys in the first through tenth grades, was located inside a compound where all of the students live.

Clark Wolfe wrote that as they entered the small school, “there were about fifty students, and all were very surprised to see us.” He asked them to guess where he was from, and received timid responses that included Russia, England, and Australia. Finally one of the youngest in the group courageously called out “America” and was promptly congratulated for being correct. Brother Clark said this broke the ice, and the questions about America began to flood in. The students wanted to know everything from “Who is your prime minister?” to “Which kinds of crops do you export?”

At one point, a question by the teacher gave Brother Clark the opportunity to share his testimony, and this led to the question, “Who is your God?” He said he happily gave a short explanation of creation, God, Jesus, and redemption. At the close of the visit, the teacher asked if he could have a Bible, and Surya Gajbhiv, who had been interpreting, said he would return with one at a later date.

Before leaving, everyone gathered outside for photos, and the students presented a coconut as a sign of respect and appreciation for the visit.

This past Sunday, January 7, the family participated in an ordinance service where there were more than ninety in attendance. This was a large number considering this is the time of year for planting rice. Deanna Moen said the service began with praise and worship songs followed by many testimonies. She also said the sermon provided a beautiful illustration of being a born-again Christian whose heart had been washed by the Blood of Jesus, and when the preacher admonished everyone to examine their hearts, tears flowed. Following the sermon, the ministers prayed over the emblems and then the congregation partook of them. Sister Deanna said there was such unity of Spirit that the ordinance service felt just like one at home.

Brother Clark reports that his family has been greeted at every church by people with smiling faces eager to shake their hands and say, “Praise the Lord” — a phrase all the congregations have memorized in English.