World Report

September 13, 2018

Summer Activities in Japan

From the Superintendent's DESK

Hidehiro Ouchi, the pastor of our church in Kawasaki, Japan, recently sent a report about the congregation’s summer activities. His letter stated:

Thank you for your prayers for us in Japan. We are well and had blessed summer programs. We had VBS on July 31 with twenty-three children and saints, and our twenty-second “praise night” was on Aug 19 (pictured above). Sixty-nine people attended, and sixteen groups sang or played instruments. It was a happy and joyful meeting.

In September we invited the seniors over age seventy-five to a special meeting just for them. Sister Mashimo is eighty-seven years old and the oldest lady in our church, but she is well and attends the meetings on Sundays and Wednesdays.

We will celebrate the fifty-sixth anniversary of our church on Oct 21. One sister named Kimie Ohno is going to be baptized in water, to our joy. My wife Sumie as well. Thank you for your prayers.

Brother Yoshiki Ono attended the Portland camp meeting. He testified of the blessings he received with thanks and joy. May our Lord be with you all and bless you and your works in Christ. Send our thanks to all the saints in Portland.

Brother Ouchi is the pastor of our only church in Japan, but as he noted, the congregation's history goes back over fifty years. They are a small and faithful congregation who covet our prayers.