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February 14, 2020

Sweet Prayer Highlights Chile Camp Meeting

From the Superintendent's DESK

The annual Chile camp meeting began on Sunday, February 9, in Chimbarongo. Representing the Portland headquarters is Elvido Ortiz of the Bronx, and John and Ana Wyatt Sr. of Brooklyn, New York. They sent this report of the first few days of activities.

Camp meeting 2020 started with a vibrant Sunday school session. The lesson was taught by Eladio Retamal, the pastor of our church in Limavida, and focused on being faithful stewards of the Lord’s work.

The morning service was preceded by a time of prayer, and then the choir led the congregation in singing “He Lives Forever.” For the testimony portion of the service, Brother John spoke of God’s grace in saving him at a young age, and Sister Ana testified of God’s providence on her behalf over the years.

After a music special, Israel Monardes, the Chile District Superintendent and Chimbarongo pastor, preached from Acts 9:1-13, highlighting this year’s camp theme of “Let There Be Light.” He said we must surrender to the glory of the Lord as Paul did on the road to Damascus, and our lives will be changed as his was. The message concluded with an altar call, and the saints filled the altar area. Men and women cried out to God, pouring out their hearts, and oh what a sweet time of prayer we experienced!

The Sunday evening service started the way morning service had ended—in prayer. After a season of prayer the choir sang “Take My Hands,” “A Loving Christ,” and “Are you washed?” Several testified, and then before the message the pastor’s wife, Roxana, sang “In Your Presence, Lord.”

Brother Elvido gave the sermon, taking his text from John 8:12 where Jesus said, “I am the light of the world.” He admonished the saints to follow Christ, and Him alone. He said Jesus is the Light that will guide us in this life and into eternity. After the message saints again filled the altars and poured out their hearts to God.

On Monday, we enjoyed an evening of music. The saints were joyous as they sang praises unto God. From the local choir to solos and group selections, and from near and far, we all joined in, collectively singing praises to the King of kings and Lord of lords. It was a sweet time of fellowship.

The first teaching of camp meeting was held on Tuesday morning. Brother Eladio taught on the topic of “Walking in the Light of Salvation.” He said salvation is a gift given by God to man, and can be obtained by acknowledging, confessing, and turning away from one’s sin. He said anyone who follows these steps in faith will be forgiven and become a new creature in Christ.

The evening service started with a season of prayer followed by a song selection of “Far Beyond the Sun.” Brother Israel welcomed everyone and encouraged them to use the opportunity of camp meeting to seek and receive the three foundational Christian experiences of salvation, sanctification, and the baptism of the Holy Ghost.

During the testimonies, Diego Retamal shared how God protected him during a recent car accident. Sister Ana also testified of how God has provided for her family. She said He has proved himself faithful time and again. Before the message, Brother Eladio sang “I Praise You.” The sermon, taken from Matthew 5:13-14, brought out that we are the light of the world. Before leaving earth, Jesus commissioned the disciples to spread the Gospel. Now it is our responsibility to let others see the light of Jesus in us.

As the camp meeting continues through Sunday, February 16, let’s remember to pray for God’s blessing on the meetings.

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2020 Chile Camp Meeting