World Report

September 29, 2016

Sydney Camp Meeting Focus: To Know God

From the Superintendent's DESK

Sam Ajayi, Director of Australia Work, and his wife, Shade, are in Sydney, Australia, for the annual camp meeting, which began on Sunday, September 25.

Brother Sam wrote that the camp meeting opened with great expectations among the saints, including delegates from Melbourne and Perth, as they remembered how God had poured out His blessings in previous years.

The first day of meetings began with a presentation of Bible recitations and songs given by the children during Sunday school. Then everyone separated into classes to study the lesson.

The choir and orchestra set the tone for the morning service with several inspiring pieces. The message was taken from Philippians 3:4-11, and highlighted the camp theme of “That I May Know Him.” In it, the congregation was challenged to pay attention in the upcoming week to the Lord as He reveals Himself to each individual in a personal way. Brother Sam said the prayer meeting that followed was one of the most fervent the saints have experienced in Sydney, and the evening service was similarly blessed.

On Monday evening, a presentation was given on the history of the work in Australia from 2013 until now. It was a continuation of last year’s presentation which charted the work from its beginning in 2003 through 2012. At the close, the saints expressed appreciation for how the Lord has grown the Australia congregations, which began with a handful of believers. This is especially noticeable among the young people; many of the saints’ children have received salvation and are now active in the service of the Lord. The work continues to grow as evidenced by six who are attending the Sydney camp meeting for the first time.

On Tuesday, Ernest Akerejola, the pastor in Sydney, gave a teaching on salvation. This was followed on Wednesday by a teaching on sanctification. Afterward, the Lord blessed around the altars as many sought to dedicate their lives to Him.

Wednesday evening was devoted to music. The choir and orchestra provided an inspiring concert featuring instruments, vocals, and ensembles of every variety. One highlight was a cello medley of “Walk about Zion” with “Here I am to Worship” and “We Shall See the King.”

In addition to the music, there have been many testimonies of victory throughout the services, with people telling of God’s goodness. One testified of how the Lord undertook for a child that had been born with a debilitating disease. Another thanked the Lord for providing multiple job offers. He was able to select the best one with God’s guidance. Two families expressed thanks to God for granting them Australian citizenship.

Brother Sam concluded his report by saying a spirit of fervent prayer continues daily from the prayer room to the conclusion of each service, and as a result, the Lord is pouring out His blessings. He requests that we keep this camp meeting and the Australia saints in our prayers.