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January 28, 2019

Testimonies in St. Vincent Tell of God’s Power

From the Superintendent's DESK

The Downeys have continued visiting our churches in St. Vincent, and traveled to Lowmans Hill, a short distance from Kingstown, for the Friday evening service on January 25. Established ninety years ago in 1928, this is the oldest church on the island, and is pastored by Martin Laborde.

The service began with worship choruses, and included “Lead Me to the Rock that Is Higher than I” and “I’m Living Where the Healing Waters Flow.” District Superintendent Christopher King greeted everyone and shared how he became very sick seven years ago, and some thought he would not survive. However, God heard his prayers and the prayers of others, and touched him. Although he and his wife are now in their eighties and lack the strength they used to have, God has been good to them and has blessed them in many ways.

Before the sermon, the congregation sang “I Love Him Because He First Loved Me.” The message was taken from a portion of James 5:16, “The effectual fervent prayer of a righteous man availeth much.” It was noted that every church service is purposely directed toward a spirit of prayer, and the congregation was encouraged to earnestly seek the Lord for every need in their lives.

Both services on Sunday were held in the headquarters church in Paul Over. Brother King is the pastor, and he opened the morning service with a welcome to “Brother and Sister Bob,” his titles for the Downeys. The congregation enthusiastically sang “How Great Thou Art,” followed by a prayer from John King, pastor in Dorsetshire Hill. The congregation later sang “And Can It Be?” one of Brother King’s favorite songs, and before the sermon, the choir sang “Life Is Like a Mountain Railroad.” Brother Bob thanked everyone who had traveled from place to place to be in the services, and then read 2 Timothy 2:19 for his text. Referencing the account of the “Wise Man and Foolish Man” in Matthew 7:24-27, he encouraged the congregation to build their spiritual houses on a sure Foundation that will withstand the storms of life. A powerful prayer meeting followed, after which everyone sang together, “Jesus Breaks Every Fetter” and “Thank You, Lord, for Saving My Soul.”

The evening service included congregational songs such as “Faithful God,” “I Saw the Lighthouse,” and “Look What the Lord Has Done.” Elizabeth Medford, Brother King’s daughter, testified that she is building on the solid Rock, Christ Jesus, and even in difficult times such as when her daughter died, Jesus has been there to carry her through. Another lady testified that while she was in the hospital years ago, she didn’t know about Jesus, but when she heard a radio preacher through the wall explaining how to get saved, she prayed and God saved her. Cecelia King, Brother King’s wife, said she has been saved for over fifty-four years, and even though she is now a great-grandmother, she is still holding on to Jesus, and He keeps her day by day.

Before the sermon, the ladies’ choir sang “I Am Free.” Brother Bob read Matthew 13:44-46 for his text, and his topic was “Making Wise Investments.” He pointed out that while financial investments may require caution and diversity, those who invest one-hundred percent of their lives into serving God and living for Him will reap eternal rewards beyond what they can even imagine. A sweet prayer meeting followed, and after singing “I Am Thine, O Lord” together, it was an emotional time as everyone told the Downeys goodbye. Those in our St. Vincent and Bequia churches truly love the Lord, and they are so appreciative to have visitors from headquarters to remind them that even though we are spread across the miles, our hearts all beat as one.

The Downeys are scheduled to be taken to the St. Vincent airport on Monday afternoon by their faithful driver, Junior Clark. He not only joyfully took them from church to church during the week, but also testified in all eight services, exhorting the congregation to “Live for Jesus!” After a layover in Trinidad, the Downeys are expected to arrive back in Portland around noon on Tuesday, January 29.

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