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October 12, 2018

Testimonies Inspire at Australia Camp Meeting

From the Superintendent's DESK

The Sydney, Australia, camp meeting concluded this past Sunday with the saints rejoicing in the goodness of God. Sam and Shade Ajayi sent this report of the final services:

Camp meeting continued on Thursday with a teaching on “Living Holy” presented by Ernest Akerejola, the Sydney pastor. Citing Titus 2:11-12 and a number of other Bible passages, he stressed that we cannot live “soberly, righteously, and godly” in this present world without holiness, which comes through sanctification. He pointed out that Jesus prayed for our sanctification when He prayed for His disciples, and said it is not an option; God expects us to seek it.

In the afternoon we held children’s church, and it was heartwarming to see the children give their all. The woodwind section played entire hymns as a group and provided solos as well. Later in the service, we were thankful to hear several testify to how God helps them live victorious Christian lives. Even the very young ones testified to being thankful for their families. The message was given by Clement Asogwa of Melbourne. He encouraged the children to seek and love God, reminding them that Jesus loves the little children.

In the evening, Frank Igweonu, the leader in Melbourne, gave a stirring message from Isaiah 43:10-13 on “Ye Are My Witnesses.” He said most of us can bear witness that God is the only true God and there is none like Him. He told how his own testimony confirms this. Due to bad business dealings, he went to prison, and there he received an Apostolic Faith Church magazine. He was challenged by the testimonies and wanted to experience God for himself. He prayed and God saved him and transformed his life. He concluded by saying that God has not changed.

On Friday, we had a teaching on “Fortified by Grace.” With text from Isaiah 40:31, the minister brought out that God fortifies us with extraordinary strength and protection, not because we deserve this, but because He delights in us. He also said God uses grace to convert all things to work for our good. Therefore, we are to highly cherish God’s grace.

In the afternoon, the young people conducted a meeting and everyone was inspired by the victorious testimonies and aspiring musicians. Lekan Olagookun delivered the message, challenging the young people to yield their lives to God and allow Him to direct their steps.

In the evening, we were blessed by the testimony of the young sister who received salvation at the start of the camp meeting. She said that one of her former classmates had invited her to church, and she could see that his life and testimony were very different from hers, even though she was raised in a church-going family. She attended and liked what she saw, especially the opportunity to commune with God personally instead of through an intermediary. Now she is happy to have the experience of salvation. We were also glad to hear the testimony of one who received sanctification during the week.

The evening sermon was based on the account given in Mark 2:1-7 of the four men who broke through the roof of a house to lower their sick friend before Jesus. It was noted that Jesus’ presence gave them boldness to do what was necessary for their friend to reach Him and be healed. The congregation was encouraged that the presence of Jesus is available today to break through any barrier that might hinder us.

Saturday was devoted to the ordinances of the Lord’s Supper and Foot Washing. It was a very solemn occasion. This was followed in the evening by an informal fellowship of music. Various groups of differing ages provided song selections. It was a fun time, and the action songs were particularly hilarious.

We had a full schedule on Sunday, beginning with Sunday school followed by the morning devotional service. The message for the morning service was taken from the account of Jesus’ Transfiguration found in Luke 9:28-33. Its focus was that this has been a transfiguring camp meeting, and we will leave having been spiritually energized.

After lunch, we took time for photographs, and then in the evening, reconvened for a farewell service. It was a joyful time as we reflected on the goodness of God bestowed on us this week.

Brother Sam announced the dates for next year’s special meetings in Australia, should the Lord tarry. The 2019 camp meeting held in Sydney is scheduled for September 29 to October 6, and the Melbourne revival meetings are scheduled for October 11-13.

The Ajayis are now in Melbourne preparing for a weekend of special meetings scheduled to begin today. We pray God will bless there as He has done in Sydney.

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