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February 14, 2016

The Blessings Fall in Chile

From the Superintendent's DESK

The saints in Chile shared a wonderful time in the Lord Wednesday. Sister Yvonne sent this report of the day’s events:

Today began with a challenge. Instead of meeting for a Bible teaching, we met at 10:00 a.m. to evangelize the town of Chimbarongo. After a time of prayer, we divided into five teams, grabbed a stack of tracts, and set out in different directions across town. My team consisted of the youngest member at age eleven and two young adults. We were sent to the town plaza, which proved to be a good location as many people use it to cross from one side of town to the other. At first, some of us were bolder than others, but after a few minutes, we started challenging each other to hand out tracts. Soon we were spotting people across the street and down the block and chasing after them to hand them a piece of literature. About one hour after we started, we handed out the last tract with much congratulating among ourselves. We were excited when, walking back through the plaza, we saw a man and a woman each immersed in reading tracts we had passed out.

In the evening was an evangelistic service. It began with prayer requests being read—something new for this camp meeting. Going forward, the saints will be submitting and reading requests before every service.

In preparation for testimonies, Brother Sam asked everyone who had something to thank God for to raise their hand. We all did. Then he asked us to stand if we were very thankful. We all stood. At this, he suggested everyone was ready to testify. To help narrow the number, though, testimonies were limited to those with February birthdays. We heard four beautiful testimonies, all with the theme of God being present in times of need.

This was a perfect segue into the sermon. The text was John 12:20-23. The key point made was that the Greeks who came to the feast were not content to simply be there. It was not enough to meet Andrew; they wanted to see Jesus—they needed to see Jesus. We were reminded that we should not be content to merely be at camp meeting. While renewing friendships or meeting new people is good, it is not enough. No one should be content at camp meeting until they have met Jesus.

During the announcements, Brother Sam had said that something different would be done at the close of the service. A row of chairs would be placed up front to serve as an altar so those seeking the Lord could come forward. In previous services, the congregation had prayed at their seats. Those prayer meetings were wonderful. Tonight, however, surpassed them all.

While the choir sang a last song, the young men set up the row of chairs. Then they added another row for a second altar. Brother Sam invited the congregation to come forward. There was not enough room, so more chairs were set out. Soon, there were four rows filled with people pouring out their hearts to the Lord. And the blessings fell!

It was clear tonight that many in the congregation wanted, needed to see Jesus. It was a prayer service that many of us will remember for a very long time.

Chile Camp Meeting 2016

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