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April 17, 2017

Two Saved in Roddickton Easter Service

From the Superintendent's DESK

Easter Sunday was a great day of services in Roddickton. The morning meeting had choir and vocal selections, as well as congregational singing with accordion accompaniment. The testimonies included reports of healing and also requests for family members to be saved.

We commemorated Resurrection Sunday by observing the ordinances of the Lord’s Supper and the Washing of the Disciples’ Feet, but first there was a short Resurrection message. Following that and a congregational song, there was a message on the Lord's Supper and then the partaking of the emblems. After another congregational song we heard a message about Foot Washing and participated in that ordinance as well.

After the service, we returned to the parsonage, which is just across the church parking lot, for a turkey dinner with all the trimmings. Our hosts here have been most hospitable during our stay. Later in the evening Chris and Patty Hewlett presented Debbie and I with a photograph of one of the bays with icebergs. It is beautiful, and was taken by a renowned photographer here in Newfoundland.

The evening service was a landmark meeting. It began, as the other services have, with the ministers and musicians kneeling for a half-hour of prayer on the sanctuary platform. We know to get up when the accordions, piano, organ, and guitar start playing. This evening the prelude began with the chorus “Alive Forevermore," and then the choir sang “Our God Reigns.” Following more congregational singing, Brother Chris read several prayer requests and we were led in prayer.

Miles Hancock sang “Show Me the Cross” for the first special and opened the testimonies. He said he grew up in this church but had always planned to leave once he was older. Upon turning sixteen he did stop attending church, but only for two Sundays. He knew he wanted Heaven and not Hell, and being under conviction, he quickly returned, prayed, and was saved. God has kept him since then, and now his young family of four attends our church in Kitchener, Ontario. Like several others, they come “home” to Roddickton for Easter.

Another man told of being lost in the woods overnight, but God spared him and he was subsequently saved. There were a half-dozen other testimonies shared, which were all inspiring. Another special featured four young women from Roddickton, three of whom were saved in the last few years. All of the specials were wonderful.

Following the message there was an extended altar call and it seemed all stayed to pray. After a time, the musicians who opened the service began to play and sing again while everyone else prayed. This lasted for about a half hour, and then two individuals were led to the altar by a minister’s wife. Each has cancer and has received prayer for healing, but that night they both prayed through to salvation! It was a great service and a great day in the Lord.

Monday was a relaxing day where we were invited to ride skidoos to the Newfoundland youth camp site. It was very fun! Thankfully, we were provided with snowsuits, because it was also very cold—only sixteen degrees. There were eight in our party and we rode through the wilderness, though on "groomed" paths. There is still eight feet of snow in the area, though the snow level is down quite a bit from this year’s peak (this year was a very harsh winter, even by Newfoundland standards).

Once we arrived at the youth camp site we enjoyed a “boil-up,” where a meal is cooked on a fire that is built over the snow. It was an impressive construction which took our expert hosts only ten or fifteen minutes to build. Several other church members joined us for the meal which included roasted and fried fish, baked beans, hot dogs, coffee and tea, and more, plus wonderful fellowship.

The time spent with our congregation in Roddickton has been a blessing to us. Tomorrow at six in the morning we will begin the journey to New Jersey for the dedication of our Wharton church.

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Newfoundland Easter 2017