World Report

January 17, 2018

Two Saved on Final Day of India Trip

From the Superintendent's DESK

The India headquarters church in Kaikavolu hosted a ministers’ meeting on Monday with all of the pastors and their wives attending. The main topic for the ministers was prayer. They were encouraged to spend time in the prayer room before church services, and at the altar after. Meanwhile, the wives received special instruction in how to be supportive of their husbands. The meeting was followed by a luncheon and joyful fellowship.

On Tuesday, Deanna Moen and Jane Burton attended a service in Sarpavaram, where a newly established church is pastored by Rayudu Daniel. They were told that about forty attend regularly, and were happy to see a proportionate number of men in the congregation. At the close of the service, one young man prayed through to salvation.

In the evening, the Wolfes attended their last church service of this trip to India. The meeting was in Indrapalem, which is also pastored by Brother Daniel. They said it was a good service, and afterward, one woman said she prayed and received forgiveness from Jesus.

As we pray for the safe return home of the Wolfe family, let’s also remember India’s Vacation Bible School, which begins in a few days among all of our churches there. Sister Deanna and Sister Jane plan to visit each church and send a report of the activities. We look forward to hearing from them.