World Report

July 22, 2019

UK Camp Highlights God's Call

From the Superintendent's DESK

Debbie and I are at the Cefn Lea Christian Park in Mid-Town Wales enjoying the United Kingdom (U.K.) camp meeting. We arrived on Saturday, July 20, joining 460 others from seven countries. After settling in, we gathered in the dining room for fellowship and our first camp meeting meal–spinach chicken and white rice.

The next morning, Sunday school was followed by a children’s presentation centered on God’s call. It highlighted this year’s camp theme of “Get Out,” taken from Genesis 12:1: “Now the Lord had said unto Abram, Get thee out of thy country, and from thy kindred, and from thy father's house, unto a land that I will shew thee.”

The morning service began with the orchestra playing “My Faith Looks Up to Thee” and “The Royal Fireworks.” Then the choir sang “Down by the Riverside.” Following the congregational singing and prayer, Isaac Adigun, the U.K. District Superintendent, read greetings that had come from afar, including countries in Africa, Europe, and North America. Many said they are praying for God’s blessings to be poured out on the camp meeting.

The service continued with a choir number of “A Church without Walls” and then a Scripture reading from Acts 7:2-5. Before the message, a quartet sang “Dare to be Like Joshua.” The sermon referenced the camp theme while emphasizing Genesis 12:5, “...and they went forth to go into the land of Canaan.” It pointed out that God brought Abraham out of Ur so He could bring Abraham into Canaan. God also brings us out of a life of sin that He might bring us into fellowship with Him.

The camp meeting is scheduled to continue through July 28, with daily morning teachings and evening evangelistic services. We expect to have a good time in the Lord as He tarries and blesses.