World Report

January 28, 2016

Vacation Bible School Begins in India

From the Superintendent's DESK

The India special meetings continued on Saturday with a service in our Pedapudi church. During the meeting, the congregation of about one hundred surprised the pastor, Rayudu Daniel, with a birthday cake in celebration of his sixty-fourth birthday. It was large enough for everyone to enjoy a slice. Then Brother Rayudu was asked to share his testimony. As he told what Jesus had done for him, many could relate and were moved to tears.

At the close of the service, there was one more surprise: each of the twenty widows present was given a saree. These were part of two hundred purchased with a donation sent by our Grants Pass congregation. The widows were very happy to receive them.

The Sunday morning service was held in Kaikavolu, our headquarters location. The sermon was on the promises of God, which were evidenced earlier in the many wonderful testimonies given. One woman told how for fifteen years she and her husband were unable to have children. She testified that the saints prayed, and though the doctors had told her, “No,” God said, “Yes!” She and her husband now have a four-month-old son.

Currently, our saints in India have shifted their focus to Vacation Bible School (VBS). Earlier this week, they prepared eight hundred gift bags and held a fasting prayer service in anticipation. This year’s theme features a friendly owl who asks, “Whoo, Whoo, Whoo Are You Serving?”

The first VBS session was held in Kaikavolu, and there were 122 children in attendance. Among the skits they enjoyed was one about a very silly chef following a recipe for banana bread. The skit was designed to not only tickle their funny bones, but also speak to their hearts. At the close of the day, the children were asked if any wanted to receive salvation. Much to the joy of the workers, about two-thirds of them stood up without any hesitation.

Tomorrow’s VBS session will be held in Pedapudi. We pray that many children will open their hearts to the Gospel during these meetings in the coming weeks.