World Report

February 18, 2020

Walking in the Light at Chile Camp Meeting

From the Superintendent's DESK

A second report of the ongoing Chile camp meeting has been received, and tells of wonderful music, testimonies, messages, and prayer.

The Chile camp meeting continued on Wednesday with a morning teaching, which was preceded by a time of prayer. For the prelude, the choir sang “Joy and Light” and “Holy Spirit Descend.” Following the congregational singing and prayer, several gave inspiring testimonies. Then a male vocalist sang the last special. The message was given by John Wyatt Sr., who took his text from Psalm 51:1-12 and spoke on “Walking in the Light of Sanctification.” He said God is holy and expects us to walk in holiness. He has made sanctification available to all who are saved and consecrate their lives. Brother John encouraged everyone to seek this experience. It was a stirring message, and everyone went to prayer afterward.

For the evening service, Roxana Monardes led the choir in several selections, and then invited the congregation to join in singing “Jesus Is All the World to Me” and “Glorious Morning.” During the testimony service one sister recounted how she was looking for deliverance. She did not know where to go or who to turn to for help, but she turned to Jesus and He did not disappoint.

Before the message, Angel Gonzalez sang “The Old Rugged Cross.” Then Israel Monardes preached from Luke 9:28-36. He said Jesus took time during His busy ministry to pray, and we must follow His example and do the same. When we consecrate our lives to God in prayer, we benefit by receiving His promises, and we become a blessing to others. The congregation was encouraged to follow Luke 11:9 and ask, seek, and knock to receive the promises of God. When the message concluded, they did just that, and a sweet time of prayer followed.

On Thursday morning, the teaching began with the choir singing “Anywhere with Jesus” and “Pentecostal Power.” During the testimonies, one brother told of having a severe back injury. He said he went to different cities and doctors looking for answers, but found none. Then he was invited to church and prayed for. He is grateful that God touched him and saved him. Another brother testified that God convicted him when he was seventeen. He tried to run from the Voice of God, but couldn’t. A couple years later, he went to a local church and gave his life to the Lord.

The special before the message was given by Eladio Retamal. Then Elvido Ortiz preached on “Walking in the Light,” taking his text from Genesis 5:24; 6:9; and 17:1. He said the Scriptures tell of men who walked with God in a spiritual sense—they had a way of life that pleased God. He said we must also be walking in a manner that pleases God. Using Job as an example, he said God will keep life’s problems from deterring us if we will let Him. Following the service, there was another good time of prayer.

The evening service began with the choir singing “Jesus Will Come Again” and “God Is Love.” The testimonies included one from a sister who had battled cancer. She waited on the Lord in prayer, and He healed her. She praised God for the victory. Another sister spoke of how she had struggled with an unforgiving heart. She cried out to God to deliver her, and He set her free. She testified, “Today, I am free by the Blood of the Lamb.” Another thanked God for allowing her to grow up in a Christian home, though that did not guarantee her salvation. She said she had a problem, but during the first Chile camp meeting, God saved her and delivered her from that problem. She said, “He is an amazing deliverer!”

Brother Israel gave the evening message from Matthew 5:13 where Jesus said, “Ye are the salt of the earth.” He said salt preserves against corruption and enhances flavor. Christians are to maintain holy lives in a corrupt world and bring the flavor of the Gospel to others. He said if anyone is lacking flavor, God can restore it as they seek for Him around the altars during camp meeting.