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February 19, 2019

Wholly Following Jesus at Chile Camp Meeting

From the Superintendent's DESK

The Chile camp meeting continued Tuesday through Friday with Bible teachings in the mornings and evangelistic services in the evenings. Our team (Sam and Shade Ajayi, Rachel Boyce, Cynthia Fasola, Catey Hinkle, and Savannah Lee) sent the following report.

On Tuesday morning, an inspiring teaching on salvation was given by Eladio Retamal-Vasquez, the pastor from Limavida, Peru. He said sin separates us from God, but through the Blood of Jesus, we can be saved and have a relationship with God. In the evening, Brother Sam delivered the message from Genesis 1:1-3. He said the Word of God brought light to the world at creation, and the same action is needed in the life of every individual. To be acceptable in God’s sight, we need to ask Jesus, the Light of the World, to bring His light into our lives.

The next morning, we had a beautiful teaching on sanctification given by Israel Monardes, the Chile District Superintendent. He highlighted several points about sanctification including that it means to be separated for God’s use, it is received through the Blood of Jesus, and it has always been part of God’s plan. Brother Israel also noted that references to the need for sanctification are found in the both the Old and New Testaments.

In the evening service, Brother Eladio gave his testimony. He was saved at age twenty-four, and later sanctified and baptized with the Holy Spirit. He testified to seeing many good things during his walk with the Lord, including in this year when the Lord helped him with his job. Another man from Chile testified that he was in a lot of pain from working. However, when he couldn’t bear it anymore and prayed, the Lord healed him! He said life is not easy and there are trials, but God helps us and still does miracles today.

The message was taken from 2 Kings 13:14-19 where Elisha the prophet instructed King Joash to do two things which would signify Israel’s victory over Syria. He was to shoot one arrow and strike the remainder on the ground. He only struck the ground three times, which meant his army would not completely defeat Syria. He received a temporary blessing instead of the one God had available for him. We were exhorted to follow God all the way to receive His full blessing.

The camp meeting continued on Thursday morning with the congregation singing “Oh Cristo Amado” and “Mi Dios es Real.” Before the opening prayer, everyone lifted their voices to “Santo Espiritu Desciende,” which translates to “Holy Spirit Descend.” Brother Sam wished all in attendance a “Happy Valentine’s Day,” encouraging us to partake in the love of God. He also requested prayer for a family in Argentina who lost their toddler son to cancer.

During the testimony portion of the service, a woman told of God’s power to heal and deliver. She testified of how God changed her husband’s heart. In the past, he did not approve of her attending church or camp meeting. This year, however, her husband has been very supportive of her faith and service to the Lord, and did not oppose her coming to camp meeting. The teaching was on wholly following the Lord—with all our heart, mind, and strength. Emphasis was placed on the importance of making an individual decision, hearing God’s Voice, and adhering to His doctrines.

In the evening, we heard a testimony from a woman who was miraculously healed after a terminal cancer diagnosis. She encouraged everyone in attendance to believe God, because His promises are true and sure. Brother Israel gave the sermon on tarrying in prayer. He reminded the congregation that to have spiritual strength, we need to make an effort and take the time to pray. Moreover, if we want to have a good relationship with Christ, we need to pray. He also pointed out that prayer is the pillar of God’s House, and encouraged everyone to take advantage of the opportunity to earnestly seek God.

The last teaching of this camp meeting came Friday morning. Taken from 1 Timothy 6:11-12, it continued the topic of following Jesus and brought out our need to follow Him in righteousness, godliness, faith, love, patience, and meekness, as well as to fight the good fight of faith and hold on to eternal life.

In the evening, a couple who recently began attending the church in Limavida requested that their son be dedicated. It was a beautiful service as everyone joined to pray for baby Benjamin during the dedication. Afterward, the two parents testified, thanking God for the new life that they now have, which began after they attended a prayer service in Limavida and were saved. Later, we heard a message from Isaiah 61 on how the Lord wants to trade the ashes of our lives for His beauty. It was noted that the ashes could represent sin, sickness, or anything that needs healing in our lives.

Following each of the services this week, the prayer time has been especially blessed by God’s presence as people sought Him earnestly at the altars. We have had a wonderful time in Chile and are very thankful for a full week of fellowship and blessings in the Lord.

The Chile camp meeting concluded on Sunday, and the Ajayis are now scheduled to make evangelistic visits to different locations in Chile, Argentina, and Paraguay.

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