World Report

August 23, 2019

Wonderful People, Music, and Prayer in Angola

From the Superintendent's DESK

The Angola camp meeting continued on Monday morning with a Bible teaching, which began with the choir singing “Happiness All the Time” and “Since I Found the Lord.” Prior to the message, a quartet of young people sang “Come Holy Spirit” in Portuguese. The tune was well known to our team from Portland (John Musgrave and Erik Calhoun), and coincided perfectly with the teaching. Brother John used text from the first two chapters of Acts to focus on the work of the Holy Spirit throughout one’s life. He pointed out that the Spirit of God convicts of sin, witnesses to one’s heart at justification, is at work when a person is entirely sanctified, and ultimately, fills a sanctified heart, providing power for service. He said we live under the Latter Rain Gospel and God is preparing His Church by way of the Holy Ghost.

In the afternoon, a youth service began with a string ensemble prelude. Following this, a combined choir, consisting primarily of young people, presented two pieces. Then the congregation was led in singing two songs including, “To God Be the Glory.” The message was in line with the camp theme of “The End Times and Rapture.” Brother Erik took his main text from 1 Thessalonians, chapters 4 and 5, and spoke on “The Rapture of the Church.” He brought out that the continual fulfillment of God’s Word is evidence that the Second Coming of Christ is imminent. He closed by challenging and encouraging all present to be ready.

Prior to the evening service, a music seminar was led by Brother Erik with approximately two hundred music leaders participating. Two of the topics discussed were proper conducting patterns and overall choir member presentation. Brother Erik commented afterward that “A highlight of the Angola camp meeting has been how the choir and congregation members sing from their heart with tremendous energy.”

The evening service started without electricity, but before the platform members finished praying, the lights came on. There were about three thousand in attendance. The testimonies were provided by the congregation from Bié, Angola. Many told of being saved, sanctified, and filled with the Holy Ghost. The message was given by Boniface Banda, the Eastern Africa District Superintendent. He first asked all in attendance, “Are you ready to meet your God?” Then he took his text from Genesis 32, the account of Jacob preparing to meet his brother, Esau, after years of separation. He admonished the congregation to make the necessary preparations to meet God. Following the message, there was a great response to the altar call.

Between services on Tuesday, the team from Portland and South Africa visited the headquarters for our fifty churches in Kuito, Angola. These are part of the Bié Province in which there are 194 branches in total. Brother John said that many congregants here had postponed going to the Angola camp meeting in order to be present for their visit, and well over two thousand came out to welcome them.

The next day, they traveled to Luanda, the capital of Angola, where we have twenty-four churches in a city of 2.6 million. After spending some time with the saints there, they left for South Africa in preparation for returning to their homes. Meanwhile, the Angola camp meeting is scheduled to continue through Sunday, August 25.

Toward the close of this trip, Brother John commented, “These are wonderful people in Angola, and the work here is tremendous.” He and Brother Erik have now departed Johannesburg for their return trip home. As we pray for safe travels, let’s also ask that God will continue to prosper the work in Angola.

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