World Report

April 17, 2017

Zambia Camp Meeting Report: 31 Saved in First Week

From the Superintendent's DESK

The Zambia camp meeting began on Sunday, April 9, with over twelve hundred in attendance including representatives from our churches in Angola, Mozambique, Namibia, South Africa, Tanzania, and Zimbabwe.

Dwight Baltzell, Director of Africa Work, joined the camp meeting in progress when he arrived in Lusaka this past Saturday. He said he was welcomed at the airport by familiar smiling faces including Timothy Kaibula, the Eastern Africa District Superintendent, who had great news. Four were attending the camp meeting from Burundi where recent outreach efforts have been made. Brother Dwight wrote that he looks forward to meeting with these men, being thankful there are still hungry hearts scattered throughout the world. He also sent the following report of the Easter services:

The church overflowed for the Easter morning service, with about 1,650 in the congregation. A double row of altar benches was placed at the front for additional seating and still many stood outside looking in at the doors and windows.

The music was inspiring with the orchestra playing the national anthem. There were also selections from the adult and youth choirs, as well as a solo. During the announcements, it was noted that thirty-one had received salvation since the camp meeting began.

The service was taped by a local television network to be broadcast later during prime time. This came about after a woman who works for the station attended several meetings and was taken with the messages she heard.

The evening service featured a great orchestra presentation. Also, the choir sang a lively song titled “Everyone on the Lord’s Side, Say Amen.” Though the message was delivered in the Tonga language and had to be interpreted, that did not hinder the Spirit. There was much earnest prayer following the meeting.

The camp meeting is scheduled to continue through April 23. Brother Dwight said the annual concert was moved from last Monday to tonight, and they are very much looking forward to it.