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April 3, 2018

Zambia Concert Moves Many to Pray

From the Superintendent's DESK

Zambia’s annual camp meeting concert took place on Monday evening. After the opening prayer, I extended greetings from the United States and thanked the Lusaka congregation for their hospitality toward myself, Randy, and Oscar. Then the concert began with the orchestra playing “Come unto Me.”

Throughout the evening, we enjoyed hearing a variety of different instruments. The flutes were featured in “Arise O Zion,” the brass in “Jesus Is Coming Again,” and the strings in “The Meeting in the Air.” The organ played throughout the concert and was featured in several songs including “Meet You by the River.”

We were also blessed by choir numbers in a variety of languages. The choir sang “Simukai Imi Mose” or “Rise Up Everyone” in the Shona language, and “Ninatamani” or “I Wish” in Swahili. They also sang in Bemba, Namwanga, and Tonga, as well as English.

Solos, duets, and ensembles were featured throughout the evening, including one beautiful soprano voice singing “The Holy City,” which includes the words, “Jerusalem! Jerusalem! Hark! How the angels sing, Hosanna in the highest! Hosanna to your King!”

Toward the end of the program, when there were about five songs remaining, the choir sang “Panono Panono” or “Little by Little” in the Bemba language, and many in the congregation were moved to pray. A few songs later, after “I Can Almost Hear the Sound,” written by our own Ted Friesen, the concert came to an early close as many were at the altars seeking God.

Once again, Oscar approved the music as “Awesome,” and I have to agree. It was a wonderful performance followed by a wonderful prayer meeting.

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