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November 9, 2017

A Powerful Service in Port Harcourt

From the Superintendent's DESK

We spent most of yesterday traveling, as we were delayed several hours by flight postponements, but at last arrived at the Port Harcourt regional headquarters church in the evening. Once again, we received a warm welcome and were presented with flowers. Then we proceeded into the church for a children’s program followed by an evangelistic service.

As we entered the building, the excitement of the congregation grew to a roar of expressing appreciation for our visit. After we were seated, the children marched in, impeccably dressed, singing, “Tis the same old way, the same old way; there is just one road to Jesus.” Several recited their parts in an official welcome address. Then there was high drama involving several more children as they depicted the healing of the demoniac. The congregation thundered their approval when he was seated, clothed, and in his right mind. To close, the children sang “Christ Is the Answer.” Then they marched out in step singing, “Expect a Miracle When You Pray.”

The church service opened with the orchestra accompanying a soloist singing “My Sins Are Gone.” Then the choir sang with enthusiasm “I Just Feel like Something Good Is about to Happen.” The congregation also had opportunity to sing, and several victorious testimonies were interspersed. Before the message, a male quartet sang “Loose Him and Let Him Go.” It was a powerful service, and the altars filled at the close.

Today, we met with twenty-five regional pastors and leaders who presented an overview of the expanding work in this part of Nigeria. I was inspired to see that they are well organized with zeal and a vision for the developing growth.

Tomorrow, we expect to make several stops in the Abia District before concluding the day with a reception and church service in Ikot Enwang.

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