World Report

November 5, 2018

Nigeria Work Restructured to Meet Demand

From the Superintendent's DESK

This past Sunday, I attended services at the Anthony Village tabernacle in Lagos, Nigeria, where there were about four thousand in attendance.

The day began with workers meeting in the prayer room to pray for the service and requests. Following this, everyone gathered in the sanctuary for the Sunday school general assembly. The adult choir and orchestra opened with several selections, and then the children came marching in while singing “Old Time Religion.” They presented a short and enthusiastic program which included a reenactment of Elijah challenging the prophets of Baal on Mt. Carmel. They did a great job before marching out while singing again.

We dispersed to classes for a lesson on pride and humility with a key verse of, “For whosoever exalteth himself shall be abased . . .” (Luke 14:11). One class was conducted entirely in French, and was webcast live throughout West and Central Africa to our churches in French-speaking countries.

The morning meeting prelude, provided by the choir and orchestra, began with a song titled “Jowo Wa,” which translates from Yoruba as “Come and See.” The specials included a vocal duet of “The Wedding Garment” and a quartet singing “All Things Are Ready.”

After the congregational singing and prayer, it was announced that the work in Nigeria would be restructured. Specifically, the current seven regions would be increased to eleven, and the seven directorate offices of WECA increased to ten. The appointees to the new positions, about twenty in all, were presented to the congregation and then officially installed with the ministerial leadership praying over them as the congregation joined in. The previous day, as the result of much prayer, these new leaders had been agreed upon by the board of trustees and presented to the ministers and then workers in a series of meetings.

Following this, a new board member and secretary/treasurer to the board were named to fill the positions left vacant by the recent deaths of Emmanuel Aina and Akinola Oladapo Ojumu. The new appointees, Gabriel Kayode Ajayi and Adebayo Adesanya, were presented to the congregation and then prayed over by the Board of Trustees.

The service continued with the choir singing “There Is Room for All,” and before the message, a quartet sang “All Things Are Ready, Come to the Feast.” The sermon was taken from Daniel 1:6-8 and noted that Daniel and his three companions stayed true to God while under great pressure to conform and surrounded by the wickedness of Babylon. It brought out that we can stand also, no matter our surroundings. A time of prayer followed, and then we went outside to take photos.

As this is posted, I am traveling home and expect to arrive on Tuesday. Let’s remember to pray for the work in Nigeria and especially the new appointees and their families, that God will bless, strengthen, and guide.