Daily Devotional

January 19, 2020

Childhood House

For every house is builded by some man; but he that built all things is God. – Hebrews 3:4

Although it was familiar, it also looked so different! That was my impression when I revisited the home I had been raised in. As the current owner gave me a tour, I noticed that the house was weathered by time and that many changes had occurred, but my mind was still flooded with memories from my childhood. I quickly snapped pictures to share with family members and review later.

It was good to go back and reconnect with my past, and I felt a bit nostalgic. As I stood at the back door, my mind flashed back to the many times I had met my dirt-covered father there after a long day of operating road-construction equipment. I knew who he was in spite of the dirt, and it did not deter me from welcoming him home (to a nice, hot shower!).

Spiritually speaking, it is also good to go back and remember “from whence we have come.” Whether raised in godly or ungodly homes, if we are Christians, we can look back and remember the day we came home to our Father’s house. The home I grew up in always had a picture of Jesus on the wall and a Bible in the living room. However, that did not make me a Christian. When I realized I had the dirt of sin in my heart and repented, the Lord welcomed me in, just as I had welcomed my dirt-covered father. God washed me clean and filled me with His love!

As we grow in grace in our Father’s house, He teaches us to be His disciples. Sometimes we may not notice how much we are growing, but with a healthy diet of His Word and regular exercise of our faith, we are sure to mature as Christians. Now, many years later, as I look back at how He has guided and directed my life, I am amazed and grateful for the upbringing I have had in my Father’s house. The thought of each lesson He has taught me reminds me of His immeasurable love, and His perfect plan for my life becomes evident when I reminisce about the memories of His faithfulness.

There is a great appreciation in my heart for the heritage I have in the Lord. My childhood house has become worn over the years, but my spiritual house has only become stronger, and I now have the hope of an eternal home someday. Think about what the Lord did for you when He saved you and how much you have grown and learned since then. We have a wonderful Father!