World Report

Jamaican Churches: Apart, but Unified

January 19, 2021

From the Superintendent's DESK

Two uplifting reports have been received in recent months from Rohan Clough, the Jamaica District Superintendent, concerning the effects of the COVID-19 outbreak on our churches in Jamaica. In the first report Brother Rohan wrote, “Though the pandemic has been a terrible and life-changing experience, the Jamaican congregations continue to grow in the Spirit, develop church buildings, add new members, and increase in the bonds of unity.”

Brother Rohan has had opportunity...

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South African Online Camp Meeting

January 5, 2021

The Apostolic Faith camp meeting in South Africa was held online via Zoom from September 20-27, 2020. It was a time of consecration and spiritual refreshing for all who attended. The camp meeting normally would have been held at the national campground in Bapsfontein, South Africa, but in spite of the COVID-19 restrictions which made that impossible, the blessings of God flowed during the online event. It brought to mind the verses in John...

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A Hunger for the Gospel in Tanzania; 13 Saved

December 18, 2020

From the Superintendent's DESK

In a recent report of our work in Tanzania, Boniface Banda, the Eastern Africa District Superintendent, stated that the country is “a spiritually fertile land, with people yearning to hear the message of salvation.” Since 2014, the number of branch locations has expanded from two to ten, and still the Macedonian call comes from other regions. Groups are waiting to hear the Gospel in Bukoba, Dar es Salaam, Dodoma, Morogor, Mwanza,...

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Milwaukee Inaugural Service

November 19, 2020

Boniface Osunkwo and his family moved to the Milwaukee, Wisconsin, area around fifteen years ago, and they have been commuting to our church in Worth, Illinois, around two hours away. As others have relocated to the Milwaukee area for jobs, the desire has been to start holding services there, and over the years occasional church services and concerts were held. With recent restrictions on interstate travel because of Covid-19, it appeared that ...

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Philippines Online Youth Camp Meeting

November 17, 2020

On November 4-7, the Apostolic Faith churches in the Philippines held their twenty-third youth camp meeting online. The theme was “The Fruit-Bearing Christian,” and it was coordinated by Christopher Mendoza, pastor of our church in Bulacan, Philippines.

The Wednesday service began with the young people enthusiastically singing worship songs glorifying God and welcoming His presence. It was evident that the young people were ready for revival and feeding on God’s Word during the next...

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Durganagar Congregation Thankful for Flood Relief

November 16, 2020

From the Superintendent's DESK

The congregation in Durganagar, India, received much needed relief after heavy rains caused flooding and damaged crops throughout the Visakhapatnam District where the church is located.

Raju Rayudu, District Superintendent of Andhra Pradesh State, coordinated the effort, having received funds through the Portland headquarters. After purchases were made, the saints were invited to the church where a team of Gospel workers was waiting to distribute blankets, towels, and food parcels. ...

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Minneapolis Online Special Meetings

November 4, 2020

For the first time ever, the Upper Midwest special meetings held in Minneapolis, Minnesota, on October 9-11 were held online through Zoom and livestreamed to YouTube. In spite of the challenges and through much prayer, God worked in miraculous ways to bring honor and praise to His Name. The theme for the weekend was “I Stand Redeemed,” and the theme verse was Isaiah 51:11, “Therefore the redeemed of the Lord ...

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