Daily Devotional

June 9, 2018


And God saw every thing that he had made, and, behold, it was very good. – Genesis 1:31

It was an absolutely adorable sight! The dad, mom, and six baby quail went trouping across our backyard. They walked in a row as a family, all together. When there was danger, the babies would run fast and Dad would take his post of being on the lookout.

We have seen more than one family of quail up where we live, and I have been impressed with their sense of togetherness. They know how to stick close to each other. There is other wildlife by our home, too, and I have noticed that the young ones do not stray far from Mom or Dad. Once, when my grandchildren were visiting, we saw a mother deer and her twin offspring in our yard. She was alert to any sign of danger, and they were happily trusting in her care.

As we look around at God’s creation, we see that it is instinct which causes some families to stick together as much as possible. Is this not what God intended for His creation, including man? Sometimes we seem to run around crazily, going our own separate ways. Our lives get busy, and before we know it months have gone by since the last time we visited with some of our close family members. God’s original plan called for closeness to our loved ones and time spent together. We all need each other—for support, encouragement, advice, ones to lift us up in prayer, and ones we need to lift up in prayer.

Families were a part of God’s plan, and He saw His creation as “very good.” It is for our own benefit to do what we can to protect and preserve that structure. One way to do this is to stop and spend a little time with a loved one today, perhaps a ten-minute walk, a phone call, or even a hug. We should not be surprised that there is much to be gained from these close relationships designed by God!