Daily Devotional

June 4, 2018

God Is There

Trust In him at all times; ye people, pour out your heart before him: God is a refuge for us. – Psalm 62:8

When our son was very young, he could not go to sleep unless he knew that either his mother or I was near. One of us would have to sit in a chair near his crib until he was fast asleep; then he would sleep all night. We tried letting him cry, but sleep would not come, and after he was exhausted and did drift off, he would wake several times in the night. I would try to sneak out of the room, thinking he was asleep, and invariably a squeaky floor or some other small sound would cause him to open his eyes and ask, “Dad? . . . Dad?” and I would answer, “I am right here, Son.” He needed to be assured that I was there, watching over him.

As Christians, sometimes we go through dark times, and can experience doubt or fear that leaves us feeling restless. Despite those thoughts, we need to remember that God is always near, watching over us. He is our Father, and He promised to never leave nor forsake us. We may not see Him, but He said He is there to show Himself strong toward those who walk uprightly.

There are so many examples of times when God intervened to protect one of His children, from physical, emotional, and especially spiritual danger. The best example is the day we were saved. Before we were even aware of God, He went out of His way to show us our need of salvation. He did that because He loves us, and His love is the same today.

If Jesus was willing to die for us, why would He leave us when we need Him most? At those times, He gives us His most avid attention. He knows right where we are, and He will never fail. We can trust Him in everything. Even though we cannot see God, we can believe His promises and rest assured of His presence.