Daily Devotional

February 11, 2019

Plan Ahead

But lay up for yourselves treasures in heaven, where neither moth nor rust doth corrupt, and where thieves do not break through nor steal. – Matthew 6:20

My husband worked at one company for over thirty years. His employers operated the business with foresight and integrity, and we appreciated that. When our children were young, this company instituted a profit-sharing retirement program. We did not need to contribute to this program directly because the investments were made by the corporation, based on how much my husband worked and the company’s profits.

Each year when my husband received his report, he would examine it and anticipate the future. Meanwhile, I would chuckle and say, “Why are you so excited? We will never see that money because the Lord will surely come before you’ve been in the plan long enough to receive it!” Guess what? We have been living off those retirement funds for over seven years! My husband’s employers had the foresight to plan ahead, and the Lord has tarried long enough that we have been the beneficiaries.

God has also planned ahead for the future; He has made plans for eternity. We can be the beneficiaries, but it will not happen automatically. We need to enroll in God’s program by availing ourselves of His forgiveness.

Once we have been born again, we can begin to lay up treasures in Heaven. It could be an interesting exercise to create a list of potential ways to store up treasures toward eternity. Making a sacrificial effort to drive a Sunday school van, speaking a kind word to someone who is discouraged, cleaning the church, interceding for the lost, telling someone about Jesus, praying with a child, supporting spiritual leaders with prayer, and giving for the spread of the Gospel could be a start for our lists.

Many people are focused on having a good retirement program, and planning ahead is important. However, planning ahead for eternity is far more vital. What can you do to serve and please God today?